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The Sunday Kickoff Message for 05/30/21

Baucom Parents & Guardians,


This is Principal Saunders with the next-to-last Sunday Kickoff Message of the school year! We hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend with friends and family and we acknowledge that, for some of you who’ve lost loved ones to the service of our country, this weekend and tomorrow carry special significance for you.


EOGs for Plan A 3rd to 5th Graders this Wednesday - Friday


First tonight, EOG testing continues this Wednesday to Friday with our Plan A students taking their turn. Virtual Academy was completed last week, minus the makeup tests that need to be given. Please consult the schedule linked HERE / in the emailed message for the details on when your upper-grades Aviator will be testing. We want each of them to get a good night of sleep the night before and their normal breakfast routine on the morning of the test.


Returning of Items Used at Home During Virtual Learning


Next, with regards to returning school materials at home, if you’re Plan A and you haven’t started this process yet, please do so immediately as next week is the last week of school. Each homeroom teacher has communicated to their families the items that need to be returned to school from the days of virtual learning. Please send the necessary materials back to school via your Plan A Aviator as soon as possible.

For Virtual Academy students, take direction from the teacher on when it is ok to return your materials, given that instruction continues into next week.

Again, homeroom teachers have already communicated about this so either follow that guidance OR email them directly for a refresh of what to send back in to us.  


Yearbooks Available


Strawbridge accidentally sent us additional yearbooks this year, so we do still have some available at the front office. They’re just $15 and if you write a check, please make it out to Baucom PTA.



Thank you all for your devotion and dedication as we #riseabove at Baucom Elementary. Have a great week as we roll into June!



Previews & Reviews

5th grade families preparing for the team-based Moving Up ceremonies on June 9th – if any of you do not plan to use two tickets, PLEASE return the unused ticket(s) to Ms. Headlee in the main office as we can absolutely find a family in need.