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The Sunday Kickoff Message for 05/23/21

Baucom Parents & Guardians,


This is Principal Saunders with this week’s Sunday Kickoff Message. Thank you to all the PTA members and volunteers who assisted yesterday morning with the 2nd load of mulch we received.


 The Last Asynchronous Wednesday of the School Year (w/ one critical note of importance)


First up tonight, this Wednesday, May 26th, is the last remote learning, asynchronous Wednesday of the school year, but it does come with one very, very important note. It is a testing day for all of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Virtual Academy students. They will be coming onto campus at the regular time in the morning, no later than 9:15am, to take their Reading EOG.  As with all testing this year, be sure your Aviator gets a good night of rest the night before and has their normal breakfast on the day of a test.


EOGs for 3rd to 5th Graders Follow a Schedule between May 25th and June 4th


And yes, besides this Wednesday, testing does begin with select students this Tuesday, May 25th, with the Plan A and VA 5th graders taking their Science EOG. Please consult the schedule linked HERE / in the emailed message for the details on when your upper-grades Aviator will be testing. This is very, very important that you know their specific test days so that they can test on the same day as their peers. Doing an EOG on a makeup test day typically is not desirable for the student and they tend to not do as well as they would have otherwise.


The Final Spirit Night of the School Year


Next, the final Spirit Night of the school year is scheduled for this Tuesday night, May 25th, at the Red Robin in Beaver Creek Commons. It’s set for 5 to 8pm. The flyer for it is also linked HERE / in the emailed message.


Share Your Voice Regarding The New Baucom Elementary


Last but not least, I emailed a link two Friday’s ago for a Google Form you can fill out, if you’d like, as part of the “visioning” process for the Baucom rebuild in two years. With restrictions on large gatherings, this is the best way for you to provide your input directly to the architectural firm in charge of the plans. As of the writing of this message on Friday, we had only had 34 people respond on the form. Between staff receiving this message tonight and families, I know there are countless others who want to provide their input on the new school. The link is provided HERE / in the emailed message, so, please, take some time to respond to the questions. There is zero obligation to respond to all of them; just do the ones that speak to you or that address something specific you want to share.


Thank you all for your devotion and dedication as we #riseabove at Baucom Elementary. Have a great week!

Previews & Reviews

Reminder, parents, that next Monday, May 31st, is Memorial Day and we will not be having school that day.