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The Sunday Kickoff Message for 05/09/21

Baucom Parents & Guardians,


This is Principal Saunders with this week’s Sunday Kickoff Message. Thank you, Moms, for all that you do and I hope you’ve had a beautiful Mothers Day today.


Appreciating Teachers and the Partnership that Exists


I want to begin tonight with another THANK YOU, this one on behalf of our teachers. Last week was a truly amazing Teacher Appreciation Week. Our folks felt loved and appreciated. People will tend to remain with an organization if they feel valued and trusted. This is part of being intrinsically motivated. And while ensuring this climate within our school falls squarely on the principal, when you and your Aviator share your appreciation for our state-certified professionals, it serves to enrich and continue the culture and reputation that this school has long had in place. Teaching is difficult, as many of you have experienced at some point this past year through virtual learning, but we have resilient, caring, and driven teachers at Baucom Elementary. Thank you, again, for your efforts to show your appreciation for their hard work, during the most difficult of school years.

In the emailed version of this message, I invite you to check out the way our teachers feel about the support they receive from their parents and the community. I’ve provided you with the specific section of the 2020 Teachers’ Working Conditions survey that addresses Community Support. In other words, don’t just take my word for it, check out how our teachers said they feel about the partnership with each of you. I think you'll appreciate the data. The partnership with each of you truly matters in the development of your Aviator or Aviators; I cannot stress it enough. So, again, THANK YOU!


Remote Learning, Asynchronous for All this Thursday, May 13th


Ok, next up tonight, please note that this Thursday, May 13th, is a remote-learning, asynchronous day for both VA and Plan A students. Again, this Thursday is a remote learning day.


We Need Enough for Quorum this Week at the Virtual PTA Meeting


Our monthly PTA meeting will be held Tuesday evening, via Zoom, at 6pm and we need your presence in order to reach a quorum to elect new officers for 2021-2022.  The meeting link is in the emailed version and we hope to see you there.

Meeting ID: 850 8759 4311
Passcode: BaucomPTA


Some Initial Logistics for 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony


Next, in the emailed version is a link to a Google doc with initial logistics information for our 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony this year. This is, of course, intended for parents of both VA and Plan A 5th graders this year.


The Half-Marathon Logs were due on Friday


Lastly tonight, all half-marathon logs were due Friday, May 7th.  If you still have one, please turn it in ASAP so we can get a final list to Coach Hosterman of who has completed their miles.

Thank you all for the support as we #riseabove at Baucom Elementary!



Previews and Reviews section (not read during spoken message)


  • Lew Wilson, a local artist, has created a beautiful watercolor drawing of Baucom and is offering prints and ornaments.  A flier with the image, more information, and pricing is linked here:



  • Be aware of some upcoming May Spirit Nights! We’ll share the flyers with you, beginning next week!


Fresh Local Ice Cream in Downtown Apex

Wednesday, May 19th, 5-9 pm

20% of ALL sales will be given to the PTA


Red Robin in Beaver Creek

Tuesday, May 25th, 5-8 pm

20% of all To-Go Food Sales will be given to the PTA


  • We want to finish the school year strong, both within Virtual Academy and at school. It’s important to help your Aviator or Aviators by maintaining routines and structures each week, until we make it to June 10th. Recently we rolled out a School-Parent Partnership document to our VA families, but want to share that here / in the emailed version of this message as a resource to reinforce this idea of finishing the year strong at Baucom. Please check it out:

Buddy’s Whole-Body Listening (English)

Buddy’s Whole-Body Listening (Spanish)

School-Parent Partnership at Baucom


  • Here is our EOG Testing Calendar for 3rd to 5th Grade this year.