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Mr. Saunders' Message 11/4/18

Baucom Parents and Guardians,

This is Principal Brian Saunders calling from Baucom with this week’s Sunday Kickoff Message

Tuesday is, of course, Election Day 2018.  Wake County Schools will operate on a two-hour delay.  We will start school Tuesday at 11:15am. 

Wednesday is Fall Picture Makeup Day for anyone needing a re-do on their hairdo or anyone new to Baucom recently, like me.  

Report Cards will go out this Friday, November 9th.  Remember that we need a strong partnership with you in order to see your child reach their full potential.  Our teachers will schedule a meeting with you, if you have concerns, and both provide you with perspective on what is occurring in class each day and ensure a positive direction moving forward.  What they need the most, at the moment, from you guys is for each Aviator to complete their homework on the night it is given.  The teachers instruct during the day and then homework is practice for what was taught that day.  This repetition of practice is critical to the learning process for each of us.  If he or she is unsure how to complete the homework, the teachers simply want to see his or her best effort or communication from you letting them know. However, choosing not to do his or her homework or failing to make the necessary time is not an option here at Baucom.  We need your help to grow and solidify a strong work ethic in each of our Baucom Aviators. Regular practice is necessary if he or she is to be globally competent and competitive in our ever-changing world and these attributes are our hope for each of them here at Baucom.

Also on Friday, November 9th, we have our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration with K-2 at 9:20am and 3-5 at 10:30am.  Space is limited for this function, but certainly if you are a guest of one of our veterans that will be in attendance, then please join us.

Looking ahead, we have a very important Math Night just for parents scheduled for 5:30 – 7:30pm on November 15th.  K-2 will be the first hour and 3-5 the second hour that night so please mark your calendar now for Parent Math Night next week.

Thank you and keep flying high Aviators!