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Peek Ahead at Next Week’s Learning

April 17th through April 21st




Baucom is excited to pilot a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative! This Spring, the Fifth Grade team will begin allowing students to bring devices from home for instructional purposes. This opportunity is especially timely as many of our fifth graders will be moving to BYOD middle schools next year.  

We will hold a “Parent Information Night” on Wednesday, April 19 at 6:00 in the Media Center.  Fifth Grade parents and students are invited to attend and find out more about this exciting initiative.  Parents are encouraged to bring their child’s device to get it up and running on our network.  Also, parents will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Chris Wasko from WCPSS their burning questions about our new adventure.  We look forward to sharing examples of how our students can benefit from using their device as an educational tool.



When we return from Spring Break, we will be learning about “text features.” We will work on identifying certain text features in books such as: the table of contents, headings, titles, glossary, labels, photographs, bold words within a text and index. In math, we will continue to work on addition and subtraction within 10. We will learn how to find the “missing partner” or “addend.” For example:  5 + __ = 10. Also, don’t forget to practice counting to 100 with your child. This is the 4th quarter counting goal.



First Grade:

After Spring Break, we’ll jump back into identifying the details in the text that help support the author’s purpose for writing the story.  Our anchor text this week has a wonderful message: “We are all good at different things and through hard work & determination, we can keep learning as we grow.”  We’ll also be learning how to add -er and -est to a base word.  For example, turning the word fast into faster and fastest.  In math, we will continue to practice adding 2-digit amounts.  We are working hard to understand that when we add a 2-digit amount to another 2-digit amount, that we are adding all the ones together and then adding all the tens together.  The trickiest part is when we have to regroup and compose a ten.



Second Grade:

We will be reading a fantasy about tadpoles and comparing it to an informational text, which goes along with our science unit of the life cycle of animals.  In Math, we are continuing to work with partitioning and fractions.  We will be writing great persuasive reviews.  



Third Grade:

In reading, we will be enjoying Sarah, Plain and Tall as we review story structure of a fictional story.  We will be diving deeper into point of view.  

In math, we will continue to explore fractions.  Students will continue to represent fractions on number lines and draw bar models of fractions.  Using their knowledge of how to represent fractions in these ways, students will find equivalent fractions and start to compare fractions.  We will use both paper/pencil and hands on manipulatives as we compare them.



Fourth Grade:

In math, we are exploring the equivalence between tenths and hundredths (i.e. 3/10 = 30/100).  We will then be able to add tenths and hundredths.  In addition, we will be solving problems involving multiplying fractions and whole numbers.
In ELA, students will be wrapping up our unit on Traditional Literature.  Students are comparing and contrasting the sequence of events, themes, and cultural elements of folktales, myths, and fables from around the world.  We will also begin a review of ALL academic vocabulary taught during fourth grade this week.  



Fifth Grade:

We will continue working on calculating volume of 3 dimensional shapes, as well as introducing and working on calculating the volume of composite figures in math. Science will include a continuation of the human body systems and their functions.

In 5th Grade ELA, we will be reading a historical fiction text called the “Birchbark House”. We will focus on the skills of theme, author’s word choice and visual elements. We will also be reading an informational text call “Four Seasons of Food”. We will continue to prepare for our ELA End of Grade assessment. If you would like to practice at home, Mr. Nussbaum has some great reading comprehension passages with questions that go along with each of them. Check it out!




Happy upcoming Spring Break to all! The staff at Baucom had a presentation on anxiety from Dr.Wagner. She speaks at local elementary schools to parents, and some you may have heard her speak before. She has some very helpful videos on her website with varying information on anxiety, school refusal, OCD, and more. Teachers learned about strategies to help students understand and cope with anxious and worrisome feelings, including a Feelings Thermometer.  Here is a great LINK for kids to practice this over spring break.  After the break, I will be working with students on April’s character trait, good judgment.




Kindergartners will work on theatre games.  First graders will continue their work on fairy tales.  In second grade, students will be making final adjustments to their “The Day the Crayons Quit” play.  Third graders will be doing scene work.  Fourth graders are moving into improvisation.  Fifth graders will be performing scenes from “Romeo and Juliet” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”




Kindergartners are beginning their high-low unit as first graders continue their Note Family and Friends unit. Second graders are beginning their bell compositions. Third graders are finishing their Firebird soundscapes. Our fourth graders are performing B, A, and G pitches on recorder and are continuing to compose their recorder pieces. Fifth graders are continuing to explore music styles on their styles maps. On any week, an individual class might celebrate with a Maestro Moment, a reward lesson earned for a job well done.




We will be learning how to code characters to race using Scratch, Jr. in Kindergarten and First Grade.  Second Grade will continue their study of Fractured Fairy Tales. Fifth Graders will review Digital Citizenship.  Third Graders will read Fables and talk about how to find the central message.  We are also excited for the upcoming Bargain Book Fair the week of April 24!