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Peek of the Week

Peek Ahead at Next Week’s Learning

April 3rd through April 7th



In Kindergarten, we are using our reading strategy bookmarks to help us decode new words. Remember to practice the “Give Me Five” retell with your child after reading. We have worked really hard on our “All About” books the past few weeks!

In Math, we should be able fluently add and subtract within 5. Next week, we will begin our unit on adding and subtracting numbers within 10.


First Grade:

First graders are continuing to fine tune their written response skills.  We are still using the “Hit the QUAN” strategy to help the kiddos internalize the steps they need to follow to answer all parts of a written comprehension question and to answer the question with text evidence.  We are also continuing to compare and contrast two different texts on the same topic. Understanding what the words compare and contrast mean is just as important as learning how to identify and explain similarities and differences of a given topic.

In math, we will begin our adventures with 2-digit addition.  We will be using concrete materials (manipulatives), models, drawings, and place value strategies to add within 100.   



Second Grade:

We are reading informational texts about plants this week practicing using text and graphic features to help us understand more about the text.  We will also practice identifying cause and effect relationships.  In math we are beginning a unit on fractions and partitioning rectangles and circles.  We will have our field trips this week to learn about aquatic life cycles.  



Third Grade:

We are having a GREAT time learning about Dinosaurs!  We went on a dinosaur egg hunt to match up common misconceptions and the new theories scientists have several misconceptions about dinosaurs as we read Boy, Were We Wrong About based on new evidence. As we move through next week, we will continue to use this nonfiction text to review text structure.

In math, we are still having fun with fractions :)  Students will be placing whole number fractions on number lines on Monday.  Then, students will start to use different methods such as fraction bars, number lines, and rectangle models to compare fractions.  



Fourth Grade:

In ELA students are excited to read a variety of Traditional Literature - including folktales, myths, fables, and legends. We will explore how CULTURE greatly influences the story elements in this genre.  Students will compare and contrast characters, patterns of events in traditional literature,  and common themes.  Ask your child what it means when asked, “What is the THEME of a story?”  Just a reminder that all students should be keeping their READING LOG up-to-date for the 40 Book Challenge as we begin fourth quarter!  




Fifth Grade:

Fifth grade mathematicians will be able to recognize volume as an attribute of solid figures and understand concepts of volume measurement.  Minnick/Gray science will be continuing within our human body systems unit by reviewing cells and beginning discussions on how our human body systems relate to one another.

In Social Studies (Westward Expansion), our students will be completing their second research topic. They are focusing on Louisiana Purchase, Trail of Tears, Lewis and Clark, Homestead Act, Inventions that Changed the West, Oregon Trail, and the California Gold Rush. The students will  be completing webquests, journal entries, pro and cons, presentations on google slides and much more! The students will also be taking their final assessment on Tuesday.

In ELA, we will be beginning Unit 5 in our Journeys series which focuses on texts related to Westward Expansion. We will start the unit reading a historical fiction text called Tucket’s Travels. Our focus skills for this week will be: sequence of events, figurative language and author’s word choice. During the next 9 weeks, we will also be weaving some EOG practice into each week’s lesson. Please encourage your child to read each evening to help them build stamina.




The Character Trait for April is Good Judgement. We will continue to work on exploring and building resiliency. (click for link to American Psychological Association article).

Check out my new School Counseling Website.



Physical Education:

We are entering our second week of our kicking/soccer unit.  K-2 students will complete skill work while rotating through centers. Practice at home - Toe taps and Tic- Tocs --> Great source: Soccer Toe-Tap's K-2 centers will include: punting, passing with partner, weave/dribble through cones, shooting on goal, and a 1 heart healthy fitness center. Grades 3-5 Will continue practicing ball control through juggling their soccer ball warm-up.  Grades 3-5 will play a modified soccer game called “4 Square Soccer”.  This game will allow students all students to work on all offensive skills and defensive skills that are used in a game of soccer.  All students will hear about the important marathon reminders at the beginning of class. Jump Rope for Heart Donation window will be open through April. Baucom Families have raised 2,000 to help those in need.  We are a caring family! See JRH website here: Jump Rope for Heart Page.





WILLY WONKA IS NEXT WEEK!!!!!  All classes are preparing to see the performance from their talented classmates.  Fourth graders will begin improvisation.  Fifth and Second Graders are completing final run-throughs and costumes for their upcoming shows.  First and Third Graders are finishing up improvisation units. Kindergartners are creating improvised Fairy Tales.    



Kindergarteners are beginning their high-low unit while first graders continue their Note Family and Friends unit. Second graders are celebrating a Maestro Moment between units. Third graders are continuing to edit the ‘script’ for their Firebird soundscape. Our fourth graders are performing B, A, and G pitches on recorder and are beginning to compose their recorder pieces. Fifth graders are continuing to explore music styles on their styles maps. On any week, an individual class might celebrate with a Maestro Moment, a reward lesson earned for a job well done.




KIndergartners and First Graders are working on Spring Stories and Scratch coding challenges.  Second graders will continue learning about Fractured Fairy Tales.  Fourth Grades will have fun with Poetry Centers as we move into National Poetry Month.  




Kindergarten - Beginning our focus on Self-portraits.

1st - Adding realistic paint colors to our 3D penguin sculptures.

2nd -Beginning a study on fish and drawing them from a bird’s eye view.

3rd -Creating a small mask drawing to be used as a template for a future clay mask sculpture.

4th -Using our owl sketches as plans to make owl sculptures from clay.

5th - Creating a coil pot which, when complete, will be functional and have an intended purpose.