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Peek Ahead at Next Week’s Learning

March 27 - 31, 2017



In ELA, we are continuing to focus on identifying the main topic and retelling a story in sequence. Don’t forget,  we’re  use a strategy called “The 5-Finger Retell!” Ask your child to give you 5, and explain what each finger stands for- Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle and End. This is a great activity to do with your child after reading a story at home. If there is a problem and solution in the story you’re reading, have your child identify that too! We have  also learned about the “Vowel Men” in Letterland and are using our knowledge of long and short vowel sounds to help us decode unknown words! In math, we are working on addition and subtraction story problems. We have learned that it is important to circle the important numbers in the problem and look for key words such as: total, altogether, and  “how many are left.” Make sure your child is able to fluently add and subtract within 5 (without using their fingers or objects!)


First Grade:

This week in ELA, we are focusing on being able to identify the author’s point in a text and then finding evidence in the text that supports the author’s point.  We will be also be working on decoding and spelling words with the /ow/ sound, spelled with “ow” and “ou”.  In math, we are continuing to work through our unit that focuses on  addition and subtraction.  This week we’ll continue to tackle addition and subtraction word problems within 20.  These problems will include vocabulary such as, “How many fewer?” & “How many more?”


Second Grade:

In ELA this week, we will be reading traditional and folk tales, looking for differences in the characters’ points of view.  We are also practicing asking and answering questions such as who, what, where, when, why and how.  In math, we are continuing our work with addition and subtraction with 100 in order to solve word problems.  Our Economics Extravaganza is coming up on March 31, and we have seen many great business plans coming in!


Third Grade:

In math, we will continue to focus on fractions.  Students have learned what proper fraction are and able to located them on number lines.  Now, students will learn about and understand improper fractions and identifying whole number fractions.  Students will be able to identify and locate improper fractions and whole number fractions on number lines.  


Fourth Grade:

In ELA,  we’re beginning our unit on FOLKTALES AROUND THE WORLD.  Students will explore a variety of folktales including:  tall tales, fables, myths, and legends from different cultures.  We will compare and contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics and patterns of events in these stories!  First up, a Greek myth titled “Hercules’ Quest”!  We’ll continue to recognize and determine the meaning of figurative language used in these stories using context clues.  This week in math , we will be adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.  We will explore using models and decomposing mixed numbers.  We’ll also revisit converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and back again to subtract mixed numbers.   As you can see, knowing multiplication facts is vital to success!


Fifth Grade:

Fifth Grade mathematicians will be investigating and interpreting word problems involving fractions to end the third quarter.

Minnick/Gray Science will be working within the Human Body Systems Unit to concentrate on Genetics and Cells for the upcoming week.

During ELA, we will continue discussing time measuring devices. Last week, we began reading the trade book About Time which is an informational text that sequences the inventions of time saving devices. This week we will finish reading the text and discussing devices such as the Sundial, Water Clock, Mechanical Clocks, Hourglass...etc. Students began a group project last week, where they were to pick one time device, research and prepare a presentation of their choice. Groups will be presenting their amazing presentations on Friday, and students will be graded on their contribution to the project.

Social Studies: We are continuing in our Westward Expansion Unit! The students will be looking at what factors brought growth and change to the United States. The students have begun their Westward Expansion Research project by choosing two of the following topics: Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, Homestead Act, Oregon Trail, Inventions that Changed the West, and California Gold Rush. They will be researching their topics, completing journal entries, and using google slides to put together presentations.



We are continuing to explore Perseverance. We read Bear Feels Scared and discussed how we can use perseverance when we are feeling like we are scared or want to quit. Recent updates are on the counseling twitter @baucomcounselor of some of the kid’s work.

We are beginning to learn more about building resiliency with identifying feelings in others. You can help your child(ren) do this by asking them questions like, “How can you tell if someone is ____?” (mad, sad, etc), “How would you respond to someone demonstrating this feeling?”, and “What might someone need or want when they are feeling this way?”.



Kindergarteners are celebrating a Maestro Moment between units while first graders continue their Note Family and Friends unit. Second graders are joining rhythm with other elements to form a harmonious melody. Third graders are editing the ‘script’ for their Firebird soundscape. Our fourth graders are performing G pitches on recorder. Fifth graders are continuing to explore music styles on their styles maps. Several classes are meeting Deborah Hopkinson, our visiting author, during their music time. On any week, an individual class might celebrate with a Maestro Moment, a reward lesson earned for a job well done.





Our Visiting Author, Deborah Hopkinson, will be here Monday and Tuesday.  All grade levels will meet with her to learn more about What Makes a Writer and Imagining the Past.   In addition, 4th Graders will spend extra time with her in a Writer’s Workshop about historical fiction. Ms. Hopkinson is an award-winning author with over 40 published titles, including several published this year.  

We feel lucky to host her and know that the students will enjoy her presentations!
Thank you, PTA!    


Kindergarten - Beginning our focus on Self-portraits

1st - Creating a 3D penguin sculpture based off of sketches created during our previous class time.

2nd - Completing final details including shadows and snowflakes in our Birch Tree projects.

3rd - Discussing various functions/uses for masks among different cultures.

4th - Putting final touches on our owl sketches and viewing a demonstration on how to create a owl sculpture using clay.

5th - Understanding the differences between sculpture and pottery.



AIG Math Classes:  4th Grade is working on a NC Zoo project. Students are following specific requirements to design a lion habitat.  5th Grade is working on the Stock Market. Students will practice buying and selling stocks.

AIG Reading Classes:  4th Grade students will complete the geology topic posters and present to their peers.  5th Grade students are learning about the Western Expansion of the US with the novel study of "Running Out of Time." Students are doing vocabulary studies and discussing questions pertaining to social issues for both time periods.