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March 20 - 24, 2017



In ELA, we are working on identifying the main topic and retelling a story in sequence. To help us retell a story, we use a strategy called “The 5-Finger Retell!” Ask your child to give you 5, and explain what each finger stands for- Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle and End. This is a great activity to do with your child after reading a story at home. If there is a problem and solution in the story you’re reading, have your child identify that too!

In math, we’re continuing to work on fluently adding and subtracting within 5. Try giving your child a problem such as “There were 5 birds in a tree. 2 flew away. How many birds are left?” Students are working towards providing an answer (total or difference) within three to five seconds without using manipulatives, fingers, or counting when adding or subtracting within 5.

First Grade:

In ELA, we are comparing and contrasting two texts that are on the same subject.  We’ll read “A Tree is a Plant” and “Grow, Apples, Grow!” in our anthologies, then use a venn diagram to identify similarities and differences. We are also continuing to perfect our “text detective” skills as we cite text evidence when answering a question.

In math, we are beginning our unit on how to mentally determine 10 more or 10 less when given a two-digit number, without having to count.  As always, students will have to prove their thinking by explaining the strategy they used.  

Second Grade:

In ELA, we will be recounting stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral.  We will also use information gained from the illustrations and  words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.

In math, we are going to use addition and subtraction within 100, to solve one and two step word problems.

Third Grade:

In ELA, we will be reading a nonfiction text called Life on the Ice.  We are hoping that this will help us send Winter on its way as we welcome Spring.  This text will serve as an anchor for reviewing main idea, nonliteral language, and cause and effect.  

In math, we will continue to focus on fractions.  We will be looking at fractions on a number line.  Students will be able to identify and place fractions on a number line.  

In science, students will learn about shadows.  They will be able to explain why shadows occur and what happens to shadows from morning through evening.  

Fourth Grade:

In math, we will be focusing on comparing fractions using a variety of methods, including finding common denominators, finding common numerators, drawing models and number lines.

In ELA, students continue to distinguish between poetry, drama, and prose and interpret figurative language using context clues.  We will use reader’s theater scripts to read dramas and also compare a poem by Langston Hughes with prose - My Brother Martin.   We’ll wrap up this objective by the end of the week.  Next up...folktales around the world!

Fifth Grade:

In ELA, we will begin an Extended Reading unit using the tradebook About Time. Students will work on understanding chronological order, analyzing the main ideas and details that support them, and they will also be using context and visuals to understand the author’s use of technological terms.

Davis/Raye/Gilbert’s math with be working on interpreting fractions within story problems.  Minnick/Gray’s math sessions will be wrapping up dividing fractions and moving into interpreting word problems involving fractions.  

Minnick/Gray Science will be beginning to discuss the relationships between the systems within the human body.


We will be focusing on this month’s character trait, Perseverance. Wake County defines perseverance as Being persistent in pursuit of worthy objectives in spite of difficulty, opposition, or discouragement. Exhibiting patience and having the fortitude to try again when confronted with delays, mistakes or failures.”

Physical Education:

Kindergarten Students are finishing their Dr. Seuss Read Across America centers. In celebration of Jump Rope for Heart, grades 1-5 are working on individual jump rope skills.  K Students will complete a heart healthy jumping warm-up before starting their centers.  We are discussing the importance of exercise and how Jump Rope is a good exercise for our heart. Grades 3-5 are also working on turning and jumping with the long rope, while working effectively with others in their group. Students have been reminded to turn in Marathon Logs before March 31st (grace period, April 3rd).  Students are also being reminded that Jump Rope for Heart donations are collected online this year.  This is not mandatory, but every little bit helps!   We have been discussing the importance of helping others during this fundraising campaign.  We are currently at $1,080.00!  Please feel free to visit our school’s webpage at: Cardio Clem will be auctioned off at the school bingo night.


K/1 are looking at Fairy Tales from different cultures and comparing and contrasting them. We are also working continuing on Improvisation in K/1/3rd grades. 2nd and 5th continue to prepare for their class plays.  The Willy Wonka cast is finishing up last minute blocking changes, getting costumes finished and working on dances.  It looks to be a wonderful performance.


Kindergarteners are continuing their loud-soft unit while first graders continue their Note Family and Friends unit. Second graders are creating more complex rhythm patterns and assessing their performance of them. Third graders are beginning to edit the ‘script’ of their Firebird soundscape. Our fourth graders are starting to produce G pitches on recorder. Fifth graders are continuing to explore music styles on their styles maps. On any week, an individual class might celebrate with a Maestro Moment, a reward lesson earned for a job well done.


Kindergarteners and First Graders are continuing their work in the coding app, Scratch Jr.  Second Grade is extending their Fairy Tale Study to Fractured Fairy Tales.  Fourth Grade will continue exploring poetry.   


Kindergarten - Continuing to add finishing details including completing the AB Pattern in the sky.

1st - Focusing on penguin facts and creating a sketch as a plan for a 3D penguin sculpture.

2nd - Completing final details including shadows and snowflakes in our Birch Tree projects.

3rd - Discussing various functions/uses for masks among different cultures.

4th - Generating discussions on owl facts for a planned owl-based sculpture project.

5th - Understanding the differences between sculpture and pottery.

Fifth Graders - Registering for Middle Schoo
Third Graders - Will read about planets, explore resources, and complete a digital presentation with their findings.