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Peek at Next Week's Learning

Peek Ahead at Next Week’s Learning

March 13 - 17, 2017

Kindergarten: Kindergarten is continuing to work on on identifying the main topic, predicting what will happen in a text  and retelling a story after reading. Students are also working on blending and segmenting phonemes and using strategies to decode new words. In writing, we are beginning our “All About” books. In Math, we will be continuing adding and subtracting within 5.

First Grade: We are continuing to perfect our “text detective” skills!  As we read through the story we are physically pointing out the text evidence so that we can use that evidence in our written responses.  Our comprehension strategy this week is “cause and effect” and we are learning how to read and spell words with the vowel team “oo”.  In math, we are learning all about equalities and that the equal sign actually means “True” and “Balanced”.  For example, 6+4 = 5+5.  

Second Grade:  Second grade will be studying understanding characters, figurative language (idioms) and questioning in reading.  In math, we will be continuing subtraction with three digit numbers with expanded form and number lines.  

Third Grade: Third grade will be reading a myth in the form of a PLAY!  YEA!   We will be collecting clues throughout the story to figure out the message that the Two Bear Cubs are sending.  To do this, we will need to make sure we stop and analyze the text along the way, paying close attention to the characters words and actions.  In math, we will be finishing our work with area and perimeter and introduce fractions to the students.  

Fourth Grade:  Fourth grade is comparing and contrasting the structural elements of poetry, drama, and prose.  This week students will analyze a poem, read a short story, and participate in a reader’s theater about the famous folktale character “John Henry.”  While distinguishing between the different structures, we will also focus on how authors use figurative language such as similes, metaphors, and personification to “paint a picture” in the reader’s mind.    In math, fourth grade will be concluding our study of equivalent improper fractions and mixed numbers. In addition, we will be comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators using number lines and visual models.

Fifth Grade: Fifth grade ELA is working on Story Structure, Characterization and Theme. Students will be examining character traits through character thoughts, descriptions, dialogue, and actions. We will be using graphic organizers throughout the week to help us keep track of key elements that together make up the story structure. The Davis/Raye/Gilbert’s math team will be working within adding and subtracting fractions.  The Minnick/Gray’s math team will be working on multiplication of fractional amounts and venturing into dividing fractions. In Social Studies will be working on Westward Expansion and Mrs. Minnick will be starting The Human Body in Science. 

Guidance: We are finishing up career lesson. Please go to to the elementary career counseling link to access links to explore and enjoy with your child(ren). I have encouraged students to ask family members about their jobs/career choices and various aspects of their work.

Physical Education:  In Physical Education, we are warming up with Jump Ropes to celebrate Jump Rope for Heart.  We are finishing our Dr. Seuss (Read Across America) themed centers on Through Tuesday.  The Dr. Seuss themed centers focus on 2 state standards: 1.) Understanding the importance of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.  2.) Use behavioral strategies that are responsible and enhance respect of self and others and value activity. Starting on Wednesday students will complete jump rope challenges and jump rope skill work to celebrate Jump Rope for Heart.  Students are also being reminded to complete and turn in Marathon Running Logs before March 31. (Buffer/grace period to April 3rd.)  Jump Rope for Heart Donation window is open until March 31.  See Baucom’s Jump Rope for Heart home page at:

Music: Kindergarteners are beginning their loud-soft unit. First graders will continue their Note Family and Friends unit. Second graders are creating rhythm patterns and assessing their performance of them. Third graders continue to learn story character songs for their Firebird soundscape. Our fourth graders are developing their use of B and A pitches on recorder. Fifth graders are investigating our visiting author’s historical fiction title related to music styles.

Media: Kindergarten and First Graders are exploring Coding with Scratch, Jr. and Kodable apps while creating an animal in a habitat.  Second Graders are continuing a Fairy Tale study.  Fourth Graders are working as teams to find poetic elements in a scavenger hunt and sharing their findings using the SeeSaw app.  

Art: Kindergarten- Concentrating on fine detail in our "Starry Night" project. 1st - beginning our Penguin Sculpture project by learning penguin facts and creating preliminary drawings. 2nd- Arranging trees and adding fine detail in our "Birch Tree" project. 3rd - Working on finishing steps on our "Egyptian Sarcophagus" project. 4th - Adding final touches to our "Lighthouse Batik" artwork. 5th - Compare and contrast sculpture and pottery in art.

AIG: Our 4th math students will use math skills to design lion habitats by the NC zoo standards, and our 5th math students will analyze stock information in order to make a decision to buy or sell.  In Reading, 4th graders will be incorporating math into reading by discussing questions based on Theme and Inferences from the Jacob's Ladder article, "Geometry All Around Us." Our 5th Reading students will continue a vocabulary study of terms used in the 1800's and hold a Socratic seminar with discussion questions based on the novel, "Running Out of Time."

Pre-K:  We are working on identifying emotions and breathing techniques to calm ourselves when upset.  Academically we are working on positional phrases.