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Peek at Next Week's Learning

Kindergarten: In reading, we are working on using our strategies to decode new words. We are also practicing retelling key details in a story after we read. Keep up the good work on practicing your rainbow words each night! In math, we are working on identifying partners of 5.

First Grade: We are perfecting our ability to "hit the QUAN!" as we complete a written response question. This "hook" has really helped the kiddos organize their thoughts, answer the entire question and use evidence from the text! In math we are filling our "tool box" full of strategies to use when we are adding and subtracting within 20.  

Second Grade:  In ELA we are working on Main Idea and Details and Cause and effect within a nonfiction text.  In math we are finishing up adding three digit numbers and starting subtraction with three digit numbers.

Third Grade: We will finish our Math unit on area and perimeter next week, and in ELA we are working on text features within informational texts.

Fourth Grade: In math, we are completing our study of numerical and geometric patterns and beginning to investigate fractions.  In ELA, we will be wrapping up our genre study of historical fiction this week.  Each student is busy reading a self-selected novel and practicing reader response strategies, including summarizing.  Next up is POETRY!  Next week we'll introduce the structural elements of poetry, and compare and contrast these elements with prose and drama. Students will recognize different types of figurative language found in poems and how this language helps readers "paint a picture" in their minds. 

Fifth Grade: In math, we are working with FRACTIONS, FRACTIONS, and more FRACTIONS all quarter.  We will add them, subtract them, multiply and divide them!  In ELA,  we are working on Point of View, Characterization, and Summarizing with Realistic Fiction.

Drama: Mrs. Weaver is working on blocking and rehearsing in 5th Grade’s Romeo and Juliet: The Cursed Child.  Our 2nd graders are continuing to practice The Day the Crayons Quit.  Our Kindergarteners, first and third graders are exploring improvisation. The 4th graders have written their own scripts and are preparing to make a movie trailer in drama and with Mr. Kaminsky in their technology class.  As a school family, we are gearing up for Willy Wonka.

Technology: We are using blocks of code to make characters overcome progressively challenging scenarios.

Guidance: Mrs. Mathews is working on career exploration grades K-5.

Physical Education:  We had our “Jump Rope for Heart” kick-off this past week. Donations are online only this year. Information is coming home in take home folders this week.

Music: Kindergarteners are starting their unit on “loud and soft.”  First graders are well into their “Note Family and Friends” unit. In second grade, students will be creating and performing four-beat rhythm patterns. Third graders are learning songs for their Firebird soundscape. Our fourth grade students are focusing on B and A pitches in their recorder unit, and fifth graders will be exploring one style of music through a historical fiction title written by our visiting author.

Media: Mrs. Edwards is preparing students for our upcoming Visiting Author, Deborah Hopkinson, by sharing many of her books.  We are excited to host her at the end of March!  We are also celebrating “Read Across America” with Seuss books and crafts, and by reading all kinds of stories in print and online. Remember: “You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” ~Dr. Seuss

Art: Kindergarten: Cutting and gluing skills on our "Starry Nights"; 1st Graders are putting finishing touches on our "Old Bear" project; 2nd Graders are painting birch trees using black tempera paint and small cardboard rectangles; Our 3rd Graders are creating an authentic looking Egyptian Sarcophagus drawing, while our 4th graders are learning the necessary materials needed to create a Batik artwork, and finally, our 5th grader students are putting finishing touches on our Cardinal Paintings.

AIG: Math Classes: Our 4th graders will complete the Welch Family Vacation Presentations and move on to Logic Puzzles, while our 5th graders work on the Stock Market and learn how to calculate the price of stocks. Reading Classes: Our 4th grade students are researching geology topics and creating posters to share, and the 5th graders are learning about the Western Expansion of the US with the novel study of "Running Out of Time."

ESL: Kindergarten will be learning language related to animal characteristics; 1st and 2nd will be learning language related to animal characteristics, habitats, and life cycles; 3rd grade will be learning language related to plant life cycles; 4th grade will begin learning about the language features of poems; 5th grade will review weather vocabulary.