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Wake All-County Honor Band-Ligon Results 2019

We wish to congratulate all 59 students for taking the individual challenge to audition and a special congratulations to those 34 who placed in the band.  This is truly a special group of kids and I feel fortunate to teach all of them.  Over 550 Wake County students auditioned on October 22 at Carnage Middle School and the results are in.  Ligon had 32 students make the Wake All-County Honor Band (highest in the county and 9 principal chairs) and three 1st Alternates.

(Listed by chair placement)

Marni Weinreb, 1st Chair Bassoon- Symphonic Band

Sean McCoy, 1st Chair Alto Saxophone-Symphonic Band

Connor Lee, 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone- Symphonic Band

Leif Jorgenson, 1st Chair Baritone Saxophone- Symphonic Band

Patrick Donahue, 1st Chair Trumpet- Symphonic Band

Zara Tekmen, 1st Chair Trombone-Symphonic Band

Anshul Agrawal, 1st Chair Mallet- Symphonic Band

Sarah Foglia, 1st Chair String Bass- Symphonic Band

Philip Dai, 1st Chair Timpani- Symphonic Band

Lilly McCoy, 2nd Chair Clarinet- Symphonic Band

Emma Belledin, 3rd Chair Flute- Symphonic Band

James Erwin-Wilde, 3rd Chair Trumpet- Symphonic Band

Rebecca Veloz, 5th Chair Trombone, Symphonic Band

Brenna Watson, 6th Chair Horn- Symphonic Band

Sophie Rosenbaum, 8th Chair Trumpet- Symphonic Band

Reyanna Stokes, 9th Chair Trumpet- Symphonic Band

Bryce Morse, 10th Chair Trumpet- Symphonic Band

Mason Hinkle, 10th Chair trombone, Symphonic Band

Pracheth Sanka, 15th Chair Clarinet- Symphonic Band

Noah Joo, 18th Chair Clarinet- Symphonic Band

Talin Joshi, 1st Chair Clarinet- Concert Band

Samantha Carter, 1st Chair String Bass- Concert Band

Aaron Brooks, 2nd Chair Trombone, Concert Band

Nikolas Dopler, 2nd Chair Snare - Concert Band

Carter Yu, 2nd Chair Mallets- Concert Band

Sam Wilkinson, 3rd Chair Trumpet, Concert Band

Charlotte Pare, 3rd Chair Tuba-Concert Band

Agnes Rodts, 4th Chair Bass Clarinet-Concert Band

Sahil Fodzar, 4th Chair Euphonium- Concert Band

Ian Frazer, 5th Chair  Alto Saxophone- Concert Band

Hiya Das, 6th Chair Flute- Concert Band

Harper Putnam, 7th Chair Flute-Concert Band

Aidan Hale, 10th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band

Travis Talley, 14th Chair Clarinet- Concert Band

Oscar Marks, 1st Alternate Horn

Margaret Jackson, 1st Alternate Mallets

Blake Hough, 1st Alternate Bass Clarinet