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Congratulations to our FCCLA

The following students qualified to represent the state of North Carolina at the National FCCLA Conference in Anaheim, California from June 30th- July 4th :


Focus on Children placed 1st with Ligons Olivia Poteat and Jordan Henderson. This event recognizes participants who use Family and Consumer Sciences skills to plan and conduct a child development project that has a positive impact on children and the community. Child development encompasses birth through adolescence. Their project focused on educating preschoolers about the rain cycle.


Entrepreneurship placed first with Ligons Ainslie Berlekamp and Josie Miler. These participants developed a plan for a small business using Family and Consumer Sciences skills and sound business practices. Their business related to the area of Child Development in the Family and Consumer Sciences education. Participants prepared a portfolio containing a written business plan that focused on custom made travel bags for children.


Interpersonal Communications placed 1st with Hadley Roberts and will be presented by Taylor Young. This project recognizes participants who use Family and Consumer Sciences and/or related occupation skills and apply communication techniques to develop a project designed to strengthen communication in a chosen area: community, employment relationships, family, peer groups, or school groups. Participant decided to focus on Women’s Rights for this project.


National Programs in Action won Gold with Nina Kernick and will be presented by Tanner Townsend and Jocelyn Hermengaldo. National Programs in Action recognizes participants who explain how the Planning Process was used to plan and implement a national program project which was Student Body. The Healthy you, the fit you, the real you, and the resilient you.


Sports Nutrition placed 1st with Makyra Wilson, Mercy Ojo, and Hannah Headen. Participants used Family and Consumer Sciences skills to plan and develop an individualized nutritional plan to meet the needs of two competitive student athletes here at Ligon on the basketball team and the track team. Participants prepared a nutrition and hydration plan based upon nutritional and energy needs of each student athlete. Participants went a step further and meal prepped the athletes Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, and Dinner for 7 days.



Congratulations to all of our FCCLA members on such a successful school year! I couldn’t be prouder of this group of students, and how far they have come and accomplished in such a small period of time!

Wish us luck at NATIONALS this Summer!