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Special Senior Information 2-3-23

Hello Families of FVHS Seniors – here is some important information I shared with our seniors this past week.  R. M. James, Principal.


Senior Assembly


I conducted a senior assembly on Tuesday, January 31st to thank our seniors for their warm welcome and acceptance of me as their new principal.  I used this opportunity to share who I am:

  • I’ve been in education for 17 years (10 as a principal).
  • I was a high school social studies teacher (APUSH, US History, Hon. World History)
  • I was a high school coach (football, track, tennis)
  • I enjoy outdoor living (fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, boating, skiing, surfing), photography, and painting.
  • I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 25 years
  • Both of my children are FVHS graduates


I shared my daily routines:

  • Start out the morning welcoming everyone into the building and saying “good morning.”  I want every student to feel welcomed to the building and to know that at least one person acknowledged who they are, their presence, and said one positive thing about them.  That’s my goal every day.
  • I take one class period a day to be in classrooms.  I want to be a presence in their learning.  I want to be visible, accessible, approachable, and affirming for their learning.
  • My office door is always open to them!  And some seniors have taken advantage of this opportunity.


I shared my high expectations for finishing their high school career strong:

  • The spring semester is extremely important for a strong finish – no slack, no complacency.
  • Finish the marathon race we call “high school.”
  • Give me your maximum effort.
  • Take nothing for granted – we all will make it to the end.
  • The spring semester can be a test of wills.  Therefore, look at it as an opportunity to ask yourself – “what are you willing to do?”  Don’t let one assignment, project, or a difficult day stand in your way.  Finish the spring semester strong.
  • Support your classmates and friends through difficult days.
  • You, seniors, are a lasting legacy to this school!
  • It is my joy to present their diploma to them at their graduation.  Commencement is what every high school principal lives for.
  • I also let our seniors know I too was a high school senior and I know exactly what they are living in this final semester of their high school experience.

Spring Prom Requirements

  • Students must be in good academic standing – no Fs.
  • Students must not have more than 10 unexcused absences (entire day absence, not by class period).  SPRING SEMESTER
  • No suspensions after March 1, 2023


The “Why” Behind My Messaging and These Requirements


As a high school principal, I have high expectations for all students.  I do not settle for mediocrity, whether that’s trash on the floor/ground, class attendance, and class effort – I expect our personal best efforts in all that we do.  This is my message for students and staff.


I want our seniors to finish their public school career strong; take nothing for granted; do not let a “senior slump” or “senioritis” creep in.  Do not be complacent.  Success starts with being in school every day that you’re healthy enough to come to school.  Success will be realized when all students put forth their best efforts in the classroom and they pass all of their classes.  Success will also be realized when we see the spring semester as a chance to be in our finest hour because this is the last time we may see many of our friends and experience the richness of our school that represents our hometown so well.  Don’t lose sight of that!


If a student is absent, bring in a note within two days of the absence so that it may be excused.  It’s as simple as that.  Technically, there is a district policy that if a high school student on the block schedule has 10 or more unexcused absences for a class, they can receive an F for that class.  Therefore, I want to encourage all of our seniors to be here at FVHS every day.


Prom is a privilege and we want it to be a celebration for our seniors.  It’s not a culminating event to their senior year, but rather one memory I want them to cherish.  Therefore, I want them to make the most of this final semester and do their personal best in all things FVHS.




Senior Cap and Gown Portraits


Lifetouch will be on campus THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 for cap and gown portraits. Portraits will cost $10, due at the time of the sitting. If you are interested in having these portraits taken, please sign up for a slot at There will be no make-ups sessions for these portraits and these portraits will NOT be in the yearbook. The last day to sign up for a time is Thursday, February 2.


Senior Yearbook Ads


The deadline for senior recognition ads are extended to February 7th. Celebrate your student’s growth, journey, and accomplishments through high school. Go to to create your senior ad for yearbook today!


Senior Scholarship Information


SENIOR PARENTS:  Scholarships are available for your students! Recent additions are the State Employees Credit Union Scholarship, the FV Technical Scholarship, the FV Lions Club Scholarship, and more!  Please check out the FVHS Scholarship Listing here:


Thank you for the opportunity to serve our seniors and all of our students.  I embrace our seniors who have had their high school career disrupted and not experiencing a lot of consistency from year to year.  I’m in my dream job as their principal and I want them to know their principal cared about them and did his best to provide a stable and rich school experience.


Thank you,


Robert M. “Mike” James