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FVHS Bengal Message (Plan A Information)

Greetings Bengal Families and Students,


We look forward to resuming classes on April 8th. As we prepare for our switch to Plan A and welcoming more students on campus during the 4th quarter, I am providing the information below:


Plan A and Virtual Academy Bell Schedule: Please click here for the FVHS Plan A Schedule. Please note that this bell schedule reflects live time changes to support having more students on campus as well as the need to extend lunch times. Teachers will be providing concurrent live sessions for both Plan A and Virtual Academy students for approximately 45 minutes each class period. Please note that some live times may vary based on course and teacher. Therefore, teachers will be reaching out to students to provide specific live times based on their instructional planning. Furthermore, all students will continue to need their device. Link to FVHS Plan A/VA Bell Schedule


WCPSS Ends On-Site Health Screening: One other change for Plan A is that WCPSS will no longer require on-site health/temperature screenings. However, students should continue to screen themselves. Furthermore, signs will be posted at entrances to ensure that students can attest that they are not diagnosed with COVID-19, do not have COVID-19 related symptoms, and/or have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Staff will be at entrances to help students answer these questions. Due to the end of on-site health screening, students will go to the cafeteria to get breakfast (if needed) once they are on campus, and then go directly to their 1st period class to prepare for learning.


Plan A/Virtual Academy Attendance: Students in Plan A will be expected to attend school regularly on campus unless there is an illness, quarantine, or some other excused reason. Students will be marked absent if they do not attend school. Virtual Academy students will continue to be expected to attend live sessions. They will be marked Present Off-Site as they always have been. Please note that on Asynchronous Days/Remote Learning Days, ALL students will be marked “Present Off-Site” based on their engagement in their work or check-in with their teachers.


Off-Campus Lunch: In Plan A, FVHS is resuming Off-Campus Lunch privileges for Juniors and Seniors. Please review all FVHS lunch pass information and complete the forms which are located at the top of the homepage of our website. There is a component where it must be notarized. Students can bring their notarized form to school on April 7th or with them when they arrive on April 8th. Students who go off-campus for lunch must attest to following the 3 W’s.


Lunch for On-Campus Students: At this time, students who remain on campus for lunch (9th Graders, 10th Graders, and all other students who elect to remain on campus) will be able to go to the cafeteria to pick up their lunch but then return to their 3rd period class to eat. This is to ensure that we continue to keep students spread throughout campus. We will continue to monitor and assess our lunch plans as we progress through the quarter. 


Transportation for Students Switching from VA to Plan A:  Eligible bus riders currently in Virtual Academy who return to in-person learning and who want transportation must apply for bus service at Students must meet all transportation eligibility requirements. Students must also submit the health attestation form. Requests made for transportation will be closed after three days if the attestation form is not received, and the parent will be notified. Students will be assigned to a bus as quickly as possible after the attestation form is received. Typically, riders are assigned within a few days after the department receives all required information. Depending on the volume of students returning to in-person learning, it could be longer.


That is all for now. I hope you all have a great evening, and we look forward to resuming classes with our students on April 8th. #RollBengals



Mr. McCotter, Proud Principal, Fuquay-Varina High School