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October 14, 2019

This week is School Lunch Week!

Please make sure to join us Thursday October 17 at our Family & Parent Engagement Night.  Dinner will be served!!!  Please RSVP at this link so that we have as accurate of a count as possible: .  Dinner will be served from 5pm-7pm.  Please see below for more information.

  • 8th Grade Parent Night 5:30-6:30 then 8th Grade Parents will transition to Family and Parent Engagement Night from 6:30-7:30. You will have the opportunity to eat dinner in between or during your sessions.
  • 6th and 7th Grade Parents and Guardians will be able to eat dinner between 5:30-6:30. You will then transition to the various sessions to learn more about Dreambox, Power School, EL Resources, Math Open Up Resources and how to access Teacher websites for assistance. 

We cannot wait to see each of you and your families and enjoy each other while learning. 


Quarter 1 Interim Reports went home Friday September 27.  The last of them will be given out Tuesday 10-1-19.  If you need to speak with your child's teachers, please do not hesitate to contact them or your child's counselor.  You can always set up a parent teacher conference if you have concerns.  While you are able to request parent teacher conferences all year, we have designated November 1 as a fall parent teacher conference day.  Teachers will be available to conference and probably contacting some of you for meeting times between 8:30am and 10:30am and 1:00pm -4:30pm.


Title I packets were sent home with all students Friday.  Please take the opportunity to read through the material outlining our continued partnership with families and the community.


Our 2nd Annual Truck Fair will occur October 30.  How can you help?  Are you in a career that involves the use of a cool vehicle as part of you job?  WE NEED YOU!  You would bring your vehicle, park it and be ready to talk with students as they move around the truck fair about your career, how you got into that career and the pros & cons of being in that career.  Some professionals we are looking for include:  Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement, Military, Aviation, Town Utilities Funeral Home Services, Motorcycle Sales/Repair, Vehicle Sales/Repair, Mobile Veterinarian, Crane Operator, Golf Course Supervisor, Truck Driver, Large Equipment operator (Backhoe, Dump Truck, ect), Farmer, Cement Services, Electrical Services, Heating & Air Services, Plumbing Services, Welding Services, Painting Services, Carpet Laying Services, Bricklaying Services.  Please contact Barnanne Creech - ZGTMMS Career Development Coordinator 919 404 3630


Dear Middle School Families,

For the third consecutive year, we will partner with the Carolina Hurricanes to bring Power Play to all of our middle schools. This exciting partnership will support a community-wide healthful living campaign around daily physical activity outside of school, plus allow students the chance to attend a Hurricanes game.  This year the Power Play time frame will be between Monday, October 14 and Friday, November 22, 2019. Your child will be able to be part of this event by striving to exercise daily for 60 minutes! This year’s challenge features both individual and school-wide components, as well as goals for each.   The individual component will include the following:

  • Through an online tracking system, students will provide their name and the number of minutes exercised each day. Please see the log-in instructions.
  • Students will strive to achieve 60 minutes of daily physical activity throughout the allotted time frame. Those who achieve a minimum of 1200 total minutes of physical activity will receive two complimentary ticket vouchers to a Hurricanes home game.

The school-wide component of the challenge includes the tracking of exercise per school. The school with the highest percentage of enrolled students achieving 1200 minutes of physical activity between October 14 and November 22 will earn a Carolina Hurricanes Field Day Event at their school in Spring of 2020.  Thank you for your willingness to participate in the Power Play program! We appreciate this opportunity to support the health of our community.


Also, please ensure that you sign up to receive School Messenger text and emails so that you can receive weekly updates.  You can text YES to 67587.  Utilize this link for all other school messenger information


The calendar for Watch DOGS and Cougar MOMS volunteers opened Monday September 3, 2019. For your convenience, you can sign up at  Please contact Ms. Dionne for more information.


Parents, a few reminders. The school day starts at 8:15 and doors are open to students at 7:45am. Students arriving earlier than 7:45am need to remain in the front of the building and are not supervised by adults. Students arriving after 8:15 are considered tardy and must be checked in by a parent. Carpool is located in the back parking lot not the circle lot in front of the building.  Agendas & schedules will be distributed to students in homebase.


The school day ends at 3:00pm and the staggered dismissal process begins. Walkers and students riding carpool will be dismissed first. Bus riding students will be dismissed once their bus arrives on campus. We are asking for your patience during the first week of school as we work closely with transportation to get kids to and from school safely.  In addition ALL check-outs must occur prior to 2:30 for the entire year.



EL Education Parent Videos and Handouts -  

 Open Up Parent Videos and Handout


Here Comes the Bus APP information:

School Messenger Texts & Email information:


September 30    Teacher Workday

October 1            Bully Free Prevention month

October 1            PTA Meeting 4pm

October 1            Fall Pictures

October 2            Cougar Time

October 2            Custodian Appreciation Week

October 3            Hispanic Digital Academy Night

October 4            Back to School Dance 3:30-5:30

October 4            Grade Level Newsletters

October 5            ZMS Beautification Project Community Service

October 7            Blue Shirt Day (Bullying Prevention)

October 8            Free & Reduced Lunch

October 9            Teacher Workday

October 14          School Lunch Week

October 16          Cougar Time

October 16          School Improvement Team Meeting

October 17          Parent Engagement Night 5:30-7:30 Dinner Served (Please RSVP)

October 17          8th Grade Parent Night 5:30-7:30 Dinner Served (Please RSVP)

October 18          EWHS Band Performance

October 18          Lunch & Learns

October 22          All County Honors Band Auditions

October 23          Orange Unity Day

October 23          Cougar Time

October 28          Students submit second Digital Portfolio Artifacts

October 30          Cougar Time

October 30          Truck Fair

October 30          Quarter I Ends

October 31          Instructional Make-Up Day

November 1       Parent Teacher Conferences

November 1       Required Teacher Workday

November 1       Trio STEM Field Trip