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Kids Heart Challenge


kids heart challenge


Our school will be participating in the “Kids Heart Challenge” for the next few weeks.  This means that during your child’s Physical Education class, he/she will be participating in a lot of heart healthy activities and learning more about their heart and how to keep it healthy and strong.

Students should also have received information in their Friday folders that will explain to your family about how you can become a heart hero and raise money for the American Heart Association.  This organization helps raise money to educate kids and adults on how to take care of our hearts, and to do research that will help reduce the problems caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke.  Make sure to go online to to register and accept one or more of the THREE DAILY CHALLENGES (BE READY, MOVE MORE, BE KIND).

To thank you for raising money, the American Heart Association will be giving your child “Thank You” gifts. 

You can see these gifts on posters around the school.

It is going to be great to be a part of the “Kids Heart Challenge” for the next few weeks.