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Week of January 3, 2023

Happy New Year, Wakelon Families! This is your Principal, Mrs. Nealy, with your weekly update. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and made many memories. 


We are looking forward to inviting all students and staff back to school tomorrow.  I highly encourage all of you to ensure that your children get back on their school-day schedule so that they are well-rested and prepared for all the engaging and learning activities that will take place this week. 


Thank you for all the donations and support you provided our students and staff in December.  We are grateful to our PTA and Wakelon Families.


Carpool Expectations Please make sure that you are being cautious when driving in your school parking lot.  It’s important to slow down at all times to avoid accidents.  We ask that you continue to follow all enforced carpool rules.  ALL car riders will need to have a carpool number when picking up their children.  Cars that do not have numbers will be told to park and go inside to apply for a number.  


 Yearbook Sales are happening now.  Students received their Year Book envelopes/order forms this week.  Please consider purchasing a yearbook if you can.  Yearbooks can also be purchased online, by visiting our school website.


Upcoming Dates to be Aware of:

  • Jan. 9-31 - mCLASS MOY Benchmark Window

  • Jan. 9 - Student Fundraiser Incentive (for students who reached the Candy Man fundraiser goal)


Enjoy your last day of break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday (tomorrow)! 


Kind Regards,

Principal Nealy