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AIG Fall Nominations

AIG Fall Nominations

The purpose of the Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program is to provide an appropriately challenging educational program for students who perform at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience or environment.


Academically and Intellectually Gifted Nominations for fall testing will be accepted from classroom teachers and parents until September 27, 2023. Nominations will be accepted using this form.


Once a nomination is received, data is collected including EOG performance, teacher and parent observational checklists, benchmark scores, student work samples and student grades. This information is shared with our School Based Committee for Gifted Education (SBCGE). The committee will review the data and decide whether the AIG candidate should be tested for AIG identification. If a student is recommended for testing, they will be given the CogAT and IOWA tests during the fall testing window of October 16-27, 2023.


The SBCGE will review test results along with all collected data to determine if (a) the student qualifies for AIG services, (b) additional testing or data is required to determine eligibility, (c) the student is best served through Talent Development or (d) additional differentiation outside the regular classroom is not needed. This process takes a semester to complete. Students who qualify begin services at the start of the next semester. Questions about the nomination process may be sent via email to our AIG teacher, Dana Pilkington at



Q: My child was identified as gifted in elementary school in WCPSS. Does my child need to be tested again for middle school service?


A: No. Once your child has been identified as gifted within WCPSS, your child’s identification will remain active throughout middle school as well as high school in Wake County Public Schools.


Q: My child was identified as gifted in another school system. Does the identification automatically carry over to WCPSS?


A: No. We do have a reciprocity plan, but it is up to the parents to inform the AIG teacher that a student new to our school system was previously identified as gifted. Documentation can then be obtained for a reciprocity identification in WCPSS.