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AIG & Credit by Demonstrated Mastery Information

  • New Families to WCPSS this year: If your student was identified as gifted in your previous school system, please contact our AIG teacher, Dana Pilkington, at to discuss establishing gifted identification in Wake County through our reciprocity process. 
  • Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) option: Under the state’s Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) option, uniquely qualified students may “test out” or bypass a high school course if they have already mastered the content. The program provides an opportunity for students to learn new content, to challenge themselves with the next level of rigor in a subject, and even graduate early. 
  • CDM is only applicable for the next course in a sequence and that course must be a high school course. For example, if your student will be taking Math 1, 2 or 3 or English 1 next year, CDM is an option. CDM can't be used to test out of middle school courses. 
  • Applications for AMS students can be delivered to the school office or emailed to Dana Pilkington at
    •  Application Window: November 13-December 14, 2020 
    • Application Deadline: 3:00 pm on December 14, 2020
    • Phase I Testing Window: February 15 - March 12, 2021 
    • More information and materials: click this link