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PTA Membership Drive

Welcome from the 2020-21 WCMS PTA

  As a PTA, we plan to support the superhuman task that our WCMS teachers will take on during the remote and Plan B period.  We intend to provide small reminders throughout the year to our staff to show them that we 'see' the heroic work that they do for our students.

  We also intend to support our WCMS community by continuing the work started by our IMP's in Need program which includes the successful BackPack Buddies program.  This program, with the support of our social worker, strives to support WCMS families with food insecurity needs.

  It is our hope to provide up to date information that is relevant to our WCMS community.  Please look for an updated PTA corner when the school sends out messages.  Stay connected by joining our PTA, our twitter feed and help us continue the work that needs to be done to make this a successful year.

  Finally, we want to recognize the diversity of our community and value your voice.  I know that this year will be hard for all of us.  I encourage you to join the PTA so that you have a connection to our school at Please reach our to us at : if you have ideas about how we can reach ALL of our WCMS families or if you have questions that we might be able to answer.

 Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our WCMS family. 



West Cary MS PTA

Twitter: @wcmspta