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2021-2022 Junior Marshals

Congratulations!  It is quite an accomplishment to be selected as a Junior Marshal.  Your hard work and dedication to academics are recognized with this honor.  Mr. Herrick and Ms. Robertson are excited to have the privilege of assisting you this year with the graduation ceremonies. Please mark your calendars to attend a rehearsal on the morning on Friday, June 10th, and graduation on Saturday, June 11th. Reach out to Mr. Herrick or Ms. Robertson (by email or we are both in the 2500 wing) with any questions or concerns.

Alexis Chan
Emma Hansen
Juliette Jeanniton
Duncan Wilson
Kenneth Wallace
Charles Christopher
Leah Gracely
Taylor Romeo
Ella Bucy
Lee Cajigal
Jacqueline Haskell
Abigail Knight
Meet Parikh
Monisha Patel
Vladimir Pustynskiy
Danielle Schaefer
Ella Cluff
Jabreel  Itayem
Camden Wood
Jayla Delgado
Sydney Mayhorn
Quinnley Willard
Gianna Brennan
Isabell Haines
Brooke Lyle
Mia Ryan
Colin Burr