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Jamison Fuller & Team are winners in Go for Launch!



Congratulations to HSHS student Jamison Fuller who has worked as a part of a team of teenagers as a part of the Go For Launch program. 


As a part of the program, students were introduced to space technology and able to interact with former astronauts and other NASA personnel about space shuttle voyages, experiences encountered in outer space as well as the pathways they treaded in pursuit of their celestial dreams. The groups of teens are then are broken up into project teams to come up with an scientific project proposal that is feasible to be conducted in a small contained space to compete with the other teams scientific proposals within their series with all projects being judged by astronauts and other NASA experts to decide a winner. The winning project team of the series then goes on to compete with winning project teams from other series for the opportunity to have their experiment conducted on the International Space Station (ISS). A group of collaborative scientists review the projects and scores them for the final decision to be made on which project would be launched outer space to be conducted on the International Space Station.


This month the SpaceX Rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida and will include the project proposed by Jamison's team!


Way to go, Jamison!