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Hawks Lead 3rd Annual Animal Amble


Animal Amble


Kudos to event founder Cailee Harrington and fellow organizers Emily Allis, Hayden Mann, Rachel Ward, and Erika Alexander for their leadership with the 3rd annual Animal Amble 5k & Fun Run!!


The Animal Amble 5k and Fun Run is a charity race located in Holly Springs that helps shelter animals in the Wake County Animal Center get medical and ental care and a higher quality of life.  It was started in 2015 by Cailee and joined by Emily, Hayden, Rachel, and Ericka in 2016.  The third annual eventwill be held on October 21 at 2pm in Holly Glen and has raised over $3000 in the past two years to help shelter animals.  The course is a certified 5k course and the event has face painters, refreshments for participants, vendors, and more!


For more information and to register, visit or check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, @AnimalAmble!