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Class of 2024 --- June 8, 2024 Graduation Ceremony Details

---Graduation Ceremony Details---

Location: Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S. Salisbury St, Raleigh

Date: June 8, 2024

Time: 8:00AM

Student Arrival Time: 6:45 AM

• Be on time. Plan for traffic, parking, and other delays.

• There is a drop-off area under the “Shimmer Wall” on McDowell Street for seniors and those guests who have difficulty walking distances.

• When students arrive, check in with the HSHS staff member assigned to your seating row.

• Parents and guests will be admitted 45 minutes before the start time (7:15AM) at all entrances. Seating is first come, first served and guests may not reserve or hold seats.

• Be wearing your graduation cap and gown when you arrive to the Convention Center. 

• Be careful NOT to lose your tassel; it falls off easily and cannot be replaced. We recommend some type of safety pin to affix the tassel to your cap. 

• Write your full name inside your cap.

• The processional line-up to enter the ceremony side of the Convention Center will begin at approximately 7:50AM behind the curtain. Late students may not be allowed to join the processional.

• The Raleigh Convention Center requires all guests attending to have a ticket regardless of their age.


---Raleigh Convention Center Facility Reminders---

The parking garage fee is $10 per car for graduation. The RCC will not allow anyone to enter the facility with flowers in glass vases, signs, balloons, noisemakers, food, drinks, or wrapped packages.

Handicap guests are encouraged to park in the parking area under the Marriott Hotel and enter the RCC from the underground parking garage. Only 1 support person will be allowed to accompany a wheelchair guest in the reserved wheelchair section of the exhibit hall.

Due to fire codes, strollers & tripods cannot block aisles and will have to be stored at the entrance. During the ceremony, individuals should remain seated and should not be out of seats to take pictures or move closer to the stage. Camera tripods cannot block aisles. Guests may videotape from their seat, but tripods may not be set higher than eye level or block the view of other guests.

Everyone will need to exit the Convention Center immediately after the ceremony and RCC staff will enforce this policy. 

The Raleigh Convention Center website is:
The site contains additional information about parking, directions, and a detailed downtown city map.


---Graduation Etiquette/Details---

Graduation is a formal event with a recommended dress code for students. In general, it includes the following expectations.

❏ All students participating in graduation must wear the HSHS approved cap & gown. As the style of the gown has not changed, students may wear a cap and gown from a previous HSHS graduation if they choose.

❏ If the graduate is wearing a collared shirt, it is recommended to be a white dress shirt. Neck ties or bowties are both appropriate if a graduate is wearing a collared shirt. It is recommended that pants be a dark color. If a graduate is wearing a dress, it is recommended that it is lightweight and does not exceed the length of the graduation gown. It is also recommended that shoes be a dark color.  

❏ Students should be cautioned that footwear needs to be appropriate to comfortably walk briskly as well as walk up and down stairs safely.

❏ Caps are to be worn straight on the head and parallel to the floor. No decorations or alterations on caps and gowns will be permitted.

❏ Tassels are worn on the right side of the cap until the conclusion of the graduation ceremony. Graduates will be instructed to move their tassel to the left side to signify graduation during the ceremony. Note that tassels can fall off easily and we do not have replacements.

❏ Caps and gowns should be pressed and wrinkle free prior to the ceremony. Note that gowns melt easily if ironed! Wrinkles will generally “fall out” with steam.

❏ Only HSHS Club or Honor Society Cords, Capstone Hoods or Honors stoles should be worn. 

❏ Seniors must arrive at least one hour prior to the start of graduation. For the Class of 2024, this means that they must arrive by no later than 7:00AM but preferably at 6:45AM.

❏ Anticipate that graduation will conclude in no more than one hour.

❏ Graduates should not bring items with them to graduation that they have to carry. Graduates will not be permitted to carry them into the Convention Center.

❏ All electronic devices must be off during the entire ceremony. Graduates will not be able to use a phone as a camera at any point in the ceremony.

❏ Diplomas will be distributed immediately after the ceremony. All unclaimed diplomas will need to be picked up at HSHS the week following graduation.

❏ School rules apply to all graduation activities. Inability to follow school rules and graduation guidelines may impact your ability to participate in the ceremony. We want this to be a happy time for each graduate, but we will prioritize a dignified ceremony for the group as a whole.

❏ Yelling or pranks during graduation will distract from the ceremony. If necessary, students will be removed from the ceremony and/or their diploma withheld. If this happens, students will have to make arrangements to pick up their diploma at Holly Springs High at a later date. 

❏ Seniors will graduate in alphabetical order. Each student will cross the stage and receive a diploma cover from the principal. The audience is asked to refrain from applause or noise in order for all seniors’ names to be heard.

❏ A professional photographer will take a picture of each senior as they are presented the graduation diploma cover.

❏ The event will be live-streamed at this link.