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AP Exam Deadline

Fall AP students and parents:
NOVEMBER 14th is the deadline to sign up for the optional College Board AP exams in May for all fall semester and yearlong (AP Capstone) students.  After this date, it will cost $40 to sign up for or drop an exam for a fall semester or yearlong (AP Capstone) class.  Students taking a spring semester AP course will sign up for the exams next semester!  
To Sign Up for an AP exam:
  1. Sign in to using your College Board login.

  2. Click the Join Course or Exam button.

  3. Enter the join code your teacher gave you and click submit.

  4. Make sure the information that comes up is for the course you’re taking. If it is, click yes.

  5. You’re now enrolled in your AP course. Repeat steps 2-4 for each course you’re taking this year, using the unique join code for each course. 

  6. Click on the register for the exam and click to “confirm registration” (yes I want to take the exam) or “no, I wish to remove myself from taking this AP exam” (no you do not want to take the exam).

You can find out more information about AP exams, why you should take the College Board exam, and how to sign up for exams at this link: 
If you have questions about signing up for an AP exam, please contact your AP teacher or Ms. Tamara Young (