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Driver's Eligibility Certificates

Important information regarding the Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC) for Learners Permit:  


PowerSchool will be DOWN for the year end turnover beginning June 30th and will be back up July 8th. During those dates, to receive your DEC, you must provide your most recent report card to Student Services at HSHS to verify your grades. We will NOT have access to PowerSchool during those dates. 


DEC forms verify your PowerSchool name, address, and most recent final grades.  Adequate progress in grades is required to receive a DEC form. Adequate progress is defined as passing 70% of all courses and is determined by the most recent final semester grades for schools on block scheduling. That means having final passing grades in 3 of your 4 previous semesters courses.   

Please contact Ms. Lee at 919-577-1444 ext. 23471 with any questions.