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Senior Sign Purchase - PTSA

If you have not purchased a senior sign but would like to do so, this is your last opportunity to do so.  Please note that our original sign prices, offered earlier in the year, were based on a minimum order of 100 signs.  The vendor has been kind enough to offer additional price options for one last order, with a minimum purchase of 10, 20 or 50 signs. The prices are as follows:

Minimum of 10 signs at 32.00 each
Minimum of 20 signs at 28.50 each
Minimum of 50 signs at 25.00 each
These are all “ Graduate” signs.
For customized names please add $7.50.
If you are interest please send an email to with the
Subject: Senior Signs

Include only your name, phone number and best email to reach you by Sunday February 14th.  


Once we have received all interested emails, someone will reach out to you to place your order. Thank you for your continued support.