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HOBY: Leadership Opportunity for 10th Graders

Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership (HOBY) Seminar Application


HOBY’s flagship program, the State Leadership Seminar, empowers high school sophomores to develop their leadership talents to become the leaders of their community.  Each spring, 10,000 high school sophomores from across the country join one of HOBY’s 70 State Leadership Seminars to recognize their leadership talents and apply them to become effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace and community.  The seminars provide a high level of energy, encouragement and motivation, as well as interaction with peers, panelists and volunteers to nurture your future leadership roles.  In addition, you will participate in hands-on leadership activities and meet state leaders in such areas as business, government, education, media and the non-profit sector.


Holly Springs High School can nominate one sophomore to attend the 2019 HOBY Seminar.  We will also choose alternates if the nominated candidate is unable to attend.  The HOBY Seminar this year will be held at NC State University from June 14-16, 2019.  The registration cost of $395 for our primary nominee will be covered by the HSHS.


You can download the HSHS application at this link.  Applications are due to Mr. Ellington by November 27 at 7:30am.  


If you have questions, please contact Dean of Students Alan Ellington at (919) 577-1444, ext. 23472 or  For more information on HOBY in general, please visit