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Exploring Careers with Major Clarity



Exploring Careers


Our goal is not only to graduate on time but to also have vibrant opportunities waiting for our graduates on the other side of the graduation stage!


That requires that students have the opportunity to explore careers and career paths.  We are doing this through a variety of ways.  


Major Clarity

One opportunity is the program called Major Clarity.  This is a platform through Wake County Public Schools that allows students to explore careers through activities and video content. Students have the opportunity to take an initial interest survey and learning styles survey to guide their career exploration. The purpose of this Interest Inventory is to match the student with potential careers options.


If you are interested in accessing this web-based resource with your student, here is the web address and the username / login information.

Username: student wcpss email address (Example:

Password: (first 4 digits of last name) + (student ID number)Example: joyn1234567


Once a student has taken the Initial Interest Survey, he or she will be able to explore careers through the “explore career paths” tab. From there, information related to courses, colleges, and training that will produce an outcome for that specific career is available. Other interesting information like salary and related job positions is also available. This resource is meant to be a guide for a self paced exploration of careers.


Other Avenues for Exploring Careers

Students can also engage in our HOT Lunch sessions to explore specific career paths.  These sessions include speakers from the career fields.  Below is a schedule of these lunch sessions:

  • October 30 - Engineering Careers
  • November 14 - Medical Careers
  • December 11 - Trade Careers
  • January 30 - Broadcasting Careers

Follow up questions for these sessions can be directed to Ms. Young (


Internships & Job Shadowing

We are fortunate to have a Career Development Coordinator (CDC) position at Holly Springs High.  Our CDC is Mr. Herrick (  Students are welcome to review his website for opportunities with internships, job shadowning, and apprenticeships.  They are also welcome to reach out to Mr. Herrick directly to talk about career goals.