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Fall Driver's Ed Information

Fall Semester 2020 – Driver’s Education Information

Behind the Wheel Training:

Currently, students that were on the waiting list for completing the driving portion of the driver’s ed program are being scheduled for Behind the Wheel instruction. After all students who were waiting in the spring semester have completed the driving instruction, we will begin assigning and scheduling students who took the remote learning classes during the summer. These were students who had been on the waiting list for a spring semester class when schools were closed due to the Covid-19 executive order by Governor Cooper. The goal of the school is to have all spring semester and summer remote learning students completed with the Behind the Wheel training by the end of December.

Obtaining Driver Eligibility Certificates from Schools:

Please be advised that throughout the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, all students who complete the driver’s ed program, both classroom and behind the wheel training, and wish to obtain a Driver’s Eligibility Certificate will be required to contact the DMV and set up an appointment to obtain the Level One Limited Learner’s Permit. Once the appointment has been confirmed, parents may go to the school that their child attends to pick up the DEC form. Please be sure to bring proof of the appointment with the DMV. DEC forms can not be given to students without proof of an appointment with the DMV.

Classroom Registration and Instruction:

The fall semester classroom registration period will open on September 14th, 2020! All students who have not taken the classroom portion of driver’s education and are eligible to do so (must be 14 ½ years old by the start date of the class) will need to download a registration form from the Jordan Driving School website (, complete the form and email the form to the appropriate driver’s ed lead teacher at the school that the student is applying to take the class. A list of Lead Teachers at each Wake County Public/Private school can be found on the Jordan Driving School website at the following link ( Initially, the classroom instruction will be offered via remote learning platforms. Typically, these classes will run for 3 hours each day for 10 days and will be held during after-school hours. Once a student has completed and emailed their registration form to the appropriate Lead Teacher, the Lead Teacher will assign the student to a class and a notification email will be sent to the email listed on the registration form. Notification emails are usually sent out about two weeks prior to the class a student as been assigned to for instruction. The email will include all the information for the class (i.e. schedule of class, class fee payment information, etc…).

Important Note: Even if a student has submitted a registration form for previous semester classes, a new fall registration form should be submitted for the 2020-2021 school year. Also, students should only submit one registration form and not multiple forms. Submission of multiple forms does not assist in getting assigned to a class any quicker, however, multiple forms can create issues when trying to create class rosters.

If you have any questions concerning driver’s ed, please email the Lead Teacher at the school you attend or the school you are applying to take the classroom portion of the program!