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GMHS Diploma Ceremony

Seniors please know that we have been tirelessly planning events that, first and foremost, will keep all of our graduates and their families safe while maintaining state and county social distancing guidelines.  We have had many groups that we have had to coordinate with, but we finally are able to announce our plans. 

If you missed the May 29th event:

For those Seniors who were not able to participate in the May 29th event, Graduation Regalia, Caps & Gowns, and personalized yard signs can be picked up from the school on Wednesday, June 3rd from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.  Seniors need to come to the front office area of the school to pick up these materials.

June 9th: Seniors, the staff at GMHS are extremely disappointed that we will not be able to celebrate your class in a traditional graduation ceremony and know that in no way does our disappointment reach the level of yours.  With that said we have come up with a ceremony that we hope can be memorable and you will enjoy.  The event will take place on Tuesday, June 9th, from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM. In case of inclement weather, the makeup date will be Thursday, June 11th, same time.  Here is an overview with the specifics to follow.  We ask all Seniors to dress in Cap & Gown for the event (not required).  This event is for Seniors who have completed all necessary work and qualify for a diploma. We want to provide each Senior one last time to walk the halls of GMHS. This journey will bring Seniors full circle as they leave GMHS the way they came, “through the front door.”  The senior class will be divided into three designated time slots: 

Last Names A-F (9:00 to 10:30 AM) 
Last Names G-M (10:30 to 12:00 AM) 
Last Names N-Z (12:00 AM to 1:30 PM)  

Please note: due to the large size of the class, we are limiting vehicles to TWO per graduate and their family.
Seniors, who have NOT completed the necessary work to receive a diploma, CANNOT attend the Diploma Celebration.

For the June 9th event - 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM: (A map of the route will be provided on the GMHS website)

Vehicles will enter through the student lot, from Spring Drive, closest to Timber Drive
Seniors will exit their vehicles at the student parking lot entrance to the school.  No students can leave their vehicles until asked to do so.
Seniors will enter the building and walk the main hallway toward the front lobby of the school.  Teachers will line both sides of the hallway to celebrate seniors (Social distancing guidelines will be followed.)  The hallway is 15-feet wide.
Seniors will have a photo taken of them by the Garner “G” near the front lobby.
Seniors will exit the front doors where their names will be announced, they will walk across the stage, and receive a diploma cover from Principal Hillman. While on stage, another photo will be taken of each senior.
Once they leave the stage, Seniors will walk the sidewalk to collect their actual diploma and return to their vehicle.

Note: The Garner Police Department will be on site to help support this event

Senior Family Members: With safety as our top priority and the ability to successfully navigate a timely ceremony, we are limiting vehicles to TWO per graduate and family.

This event is ONLY for Seniors who have completed all necessary work and have qualified for a North Carolina High School diploma. 
The graduate will be dropped off in the student lot by the back student entrance.
Those remaining in the vehicle will proceed down a designated route to the front of the school where you will hear your Senior’s name called and witness your graduate walk across the stage. 
If you have a second vehicle in your graduation group, it is your responsibility to keep both vehicles together to proceed down the designated route to the front of the school. 
While in the designated diploma area it is our request that you will record your Senior’s walk from your vehicle. 
Once your graduate is leaving the stage you will proceed to the pickup area for your graduate.

Photos taken by school employees during events will be made available to graduates, via student, school-based emails, at no cost.