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Annual WCPSS Student Survey


District Survey Information

In the spring, students in grades 5-13 will be asked to complete the annual WCPSS Student Engagement Survey. Your child will be given an opportunity to complete this survey during the school day. The survey includes questions about teacher-student relationships, relevance of school work, future aspirations and goals, and civic engagement.

The results of this survey help schools monitor their School Improvement Plans, and help the district track student perceptions about their educational experiences. You can review the questions included on this survey. Review results of the survey from previous years.

If you have any questions concerning the content of the survey, please contact the Wake County Public School’s Data, Research, and Accountability Department at  

AFHS Implementation of Survey

We will implement the survey at AFHS through second period classes over the next few weeks.  If you would prefer that your student not participate in the survey, please communicate that to the school by Friday, May 5.  You can do this by sending an email to  This information will be communicated to your student's second period teacher.  We also encourage you to make your student aware of your desire for them not to participate.

Questions about implementation of the survey at AFHS can be directed to Principal Brian Pittman (

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Please note that this is a different survey than the family survey that parents will be asked to complete this month.