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Meet the Teacher & Curriculum Fair - February 16


On February 16, AFHS welcomes parents & students to participate in the spring Meet the Teacher event along with our Curriculum Fair for 2023-2024 course selections.  Details about both portions of this event are outlined below.

Meet the Teacher Night

Parents will have the opportunity to move through their student's spring schedule and talk with teachers.  The schedule will be:

  • 6:00 - 6:10pm:  First Period Class
  • 6:17 - 6:27pm:  Second Period Class
  • 6:34 - 6:44pm:  Third Period Class
  • 6:50 - 7:00pm:  Fourth Period Class

Parents are encouraged to have their student's schedule on their phone through PowerSchool including room numbers.  We will be able to print schedules as needed, but having this will save you time.

Curriculum Fair

From 7-8pm, stations will be set up throughout the school campus to allow parents and students the opportunity to learn about course options available at the school.  Through this curriculum fair, parents and students will be able to circulate to stations of their choice, ask questions about specific courses, etc.


If you have questions about either event, please feel free to reach out to the school using this form or by calling the front office.

This announcement will be updated as the event moves closer.