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Starting the Spring Semester - Monday, January 30


We are excited for a great start to the spring semester courses on Monday, January 30!!

Class Schedules

Student class schedules will be finalized on Monday, January 30.  Changes are still possible until that point.  Finalized schedules will be distributed in homeroom on Monday, January 30.  Students must follow this schedule until such time as an other updates are made.

Bell Schedule for Monday, January 30

Due to our need to distribute schedules for the spring semester, we will meet in homerooms first thing on Monday, January 30.  Our bell schedule will be as follows:

  • 7:25 - 7:40am:  All students report to homeroom
  • 7:45 - 9:08am:  First Period Class
  • 9:13 - 10:36am:  Second Period Class
  • Resume a regular schedule for homeroom days for periods 3 & 4

Lunch schedules including courses assigned to each lunch are posted below.  Lunch schedules are subject to change over the first weeks of the spring semester.

Students who do not have a first period class are not expected to attend this homeroom session.  Copies of your schedule will be available in the front office as you arrive to school.


Anyone with questions about their schedule should direct those to their counselor.  Questions about any other aspect of the first day of spring semester can be submitted through this form.