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Spring Semester Schedule Correction Process


Spring semester schedules posted in PowerSchool are drafts.  Changes will be made to what you presently see in PowerSchool throughout December and January.

The form to request corrections to students' schedules will open Tuesday, January 3rd, at 8:00a.  Please note, students' schedules are not deemed official until the first day of semester, January 30th, as schedules are subject to change without notice as we balance class sections.  Additionally, requested changes are not guaranteed and are not always possible, as there is limited availability. 


Timeline for requesting schedule corrections:

  1. The deadline to request to change an elective course is Wednesday, February 1st by 2:30.

  2. We strongly recommend you request a correction to a core subject area course (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) by Friday, February 3rd, at 2:30.  No schedule changes will be made after Friday, February 10th. Per WCPSS Board Policy, students are not allowed to drop a course after the first ten days of school. If a student withdraws after the ten-day period, a failure (WF) is noted as the grade and the course is counted as a course attempted with no quality points earned. This action will result in a lower grade point average for the student.

**Schedule corrections will not be considered for the following reasons**:
  1. You would like a different teacher.
  2. You would like a different lunch.
  3. You would like to be in class with your friends.
Schedule updates will only be made for the following reasons:
  1. Course was previously taken and passed.
  2. Increase or decrease in rigor (where available seats permit the change).
  3. Student did not choose the elective as a primary or alternate course selection (please note corrections are subject to course availability).
  4. Hole in schedule
  5. Student does not meet the prerequisites for the course.

If your schedule correction is granted, your schedule will reflect the change in PowerSchool, so please be sure to refresh your account periodically so you see if your schedule updates.  Also check your student email regularly; if there is an issue with your request or additional details needed, or if your correction cannot be made, your counselor will email you.

Seniors, please note that you are responsible for reporting any changes in your schedule to colleges or universities where you have already applied.  Counselors will not be reporting this for you.

Early Release / Late Arrival for Seniors

If you are a senior who would like to drop a course for early release or late arrival, please submit the following form to your counselor instead of completing the Schedule Correction Form:


Your counselor is the best point of contact with any questions about schedule corrections.