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Summer School Program

Credit Recovery Summer School is only for students who failed a core class required for graduation.


Complete each field of this form accurately and carefully. A completed application does not guarantee placement in summer school. WCPSS placement criteria will be followed, and this prioritizes students by year of graduation.


Once a seat becomes available, the student and parent will be notified via email. It is important that your contact information is correct and that you check your email regularly.


Program Details

  • Summer school will be offered in-person only.
  • Students will recover course credit using a computer-based program called Gradpoint.
  • Dates: Monday-Friday, beginning on July 6 and ending on August 4.
  • Time: Students will attend either the morning session (8-11:30 a.m.) or afternoon session (12 - 3:30 p.m.)
  • Attendance: Students are allowed to miss TWO days; upon the 3rd absence, students will be dropped from the program and replaced by a student on the waiting list. Three tardies equal one absence.
  • Students are considered "finished" upon completion of the course(s) - i.e. the faster a student works, the quicker they complete summer school! If a student needs to recover more than one course, they will complete the first course before beginning the second course.
  • Transportation will not be provided. Families are responsible for transportation to/from school each day.