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12-11-23 Message from Principal Thomas

WFHS Principal Update 

Good evening WFHS Students and Families,

We are midway through December and students should have received an Interim this past week.  Please take this time to encourage students to submit missing work and follow up with their teachers about their grades.

Per State Legislation--Final exams MUST be the last five school days of the semester.   For the 2023-2024 school year, final exams will be January 17-23 (Fall Semester) and June 6-12 (Spring Semester). Students should plan on having exams on any/all of those dates.  Please plan appointments accordingly.  No Educational Leave requests will be approved for exam dates.

Senior Exemptions – As shared earlier in the year Wake County Public Schools has implemented the following policy for Senior Exemptions. Students in Grade 12 may be exempt from exams based on the following criteria:

  • Students must have a projected final grade of B or higher​​​​​​​
  • Students must have 10 or fewer absences in the course.
  • Students cannot be exempt from state testing including field testing.
  • Absences will all count equally when considering eligibility for exam exemptions.  Absences may be excused or unexcused.  College visitations will count as part of the 10 days.    

From Student Services

Counselors went in 10th grade English classes this week. The presentation presented in copied below.

Wake Forest High School is now offering late arrival for seniors and those enrolled in CCP for next semester. Our updated late arrival/early release form is linked but can also be found on the student services website. If your student is interested in late arrival or early release, please have them fill out the request form. Please note that turning in the form does not guarantee approval and that even if a student is approved it can be revoked due to excessive absences or poor grades. If there are questions regarding this new option, please reach out to your students' counselor.

Kind regards,Melissa ThomasWFHS Principal




December 21st – January 2nd – Winter BreakJanuary 17th – 23rd – Fall Exams

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