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8-11-23 Volunteer Information from Principal Thomas

Happy Monday WFHS Families. Safety is a priority for Wake County Public Schools and for WFHS. As you may know WCPSS has implemented a new Visitor Management System. We have received several questions regarding volunteering at WFHS. Below is WCPSS information regarding a visitor versus a volunteer. For more information, please visit and look at the Community Section and then Volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please visit the WCPSS website.



· Who is a visitor?

o Visitors are parents/guardians, family members and other members of the community who are permitted on school grounds on a limited basis to participate in educational programs or events.

· Can I supervise students?

o No. Visitors are not permitted to supervise students or be alone with students.

· Do I have to be supervised by school personnel?

o Yes. Visitors are subject to the direct supervision of school personnel.

· Do I have to get a background check as a visitor?

o All visitors must sign-in at the school through our Visitor Management system, which includes a sex offender registry check.

· What are some examples of visitor activities?

o Guest speaker/presenter at school events

o Attendee at school events open to the public, such as a play, concert, open house, curriculum night, book fair

o Attendee at classroom events, such as a class party

o Parent/guardian visiting with or having lunch with their student

o Guest reader at school event


· Who is a volunteer?

o Volunteers are visitors who provide assistance to schools for school events, school activities or other school needs. School volunteers often provide assistance to schools on a regular basis, but are not required to do so.

· Can I supervise students?

o Yes. School volunteers may supervise students, work directly with students, and may be alone with students.

· Do I have to be supervised by school personnel?

o No. School volunteers may work with students with or without school personnel.

· Do I have to get a background check as a volunteer?

o Yes. All volunteers must undergo and pass a criminal background check. The requirement of a background check to volunteer is not dependent upon the length of the volunteer activity. We recognize that not all volunteer activities are recurring.

· What are some examples of volunteer activities?

o Tutor (in person or online)

o Field trip chaperone, including overnight activities (Note: Parents accompanying their child on a field trip must undergo volunteer background searches.)

o Helping with the front office

o Coaching sports

o Activity/club sponsor

o Room parent

o Field day worker

o Testing proctor

o Regular/recurring readers for classrooms

o PTA members assisting in volunteer activities