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6-13-22 Important Senior Message from Principal Hamler

WFHS Senior Graduation Message

Hello, this is Patti Hamler, Principal of Wake Forest High School.Senior Parents and Students…Tomorrow is the day!The Cougar Family is excited and looking forward to graduation tomorrow at 8:00 AM.


There are a few items we need to share:

The Convention Center does not allow the following items:  drinks of any kind, glass vases, balloons, wrapped packages, camera tripods, or baby strollers. You will not be permitted in the Convention Center with these items.


Wake Forest High School conducts formal, respectful, and dignified graduation ceremonies.  Scheduled intervals for applause will occur throughout the ceremony.  Cheering, yelling, and clapping at other times is not appropriate and takes away from other students’ moments of celebration. EVERY graduate deserves to hear his or her name heard.  Please help us in keeping this tradition of excellence at Wake Forest High School.


Please plan ahead.  Traffic will be heavy. Do not be late. Seniors should arrive by 7:00 AM.Graduation will be livestreamed.  Please see our website for information.See you soon!