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8-26-21 Message from Principal Hamler


Principal Message


August 26, 2021


Dear Cougar Parents:


We are saddened to let you know that we were notified this afternoon of the unexpected death of one of our students. Hayden Rogers, a junior at Wake Forest High School, has been a member of our school community for many years, and will be greatly missed by his peers and the Wake Forest Staff.


We are sharing this news with you this evening to provide you with the opportunity to talk with your child. We will not be making this announcement during the school day Friday, but we will have counselors and other support staff available to speak with students as needed.


In times of grief, it is not unusual for adolescents to feel anxious, sad, fearful, angry, or vulnerable. Through encouraging discussion, being supportive of feelings and suggesting positive actions, you can help your child better deal with this event. There are several ways that you can provide support. Please be aware of your child’s activity on social media. In times of crisis, teens will often share their emotions with peers on social media so it’s important that you are aware of their messaging. Also, please talk with your child about healthy ways to deal with emotions. Adolescents may need encouragement to work through challenges by talking to their parents, teachers, counselors, or other supportive adults. If you are concerned about your child’s adjustment to this news, please reach out to your child’s counselor.


If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school counselor at (919) 554-8611.


Many thanks for your support of your child, and of our Wake Forest Family.



Patti D. Hamler, Principal