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1-29-21 Message from Principal Hamler

Wake Forest High School Principal's Message

January 29, 2021





With a new semester underway, we would like to provide parents with up-to-date information on our school. Please see below for important websites, details, opportunities, and remote learning support workshops.




Twitter: @wakeforesths / @wfhscounselors


Daily schedule:


Promotion requirements:


Grade Promotion Criteria Credits


9 English I, two credits in the areas of mathematics, social studies, or science, and three additional credits 6

10 English II, one credit in mathematics, one in social studies, one in science, and two additional credits 12

11 English III and enrollment in a program which, if successfully accomplished, will result in the completion of graduation requirements 18


How to monitor grades and attendance throughout the semester:


Where can a parent get PowerSchool/ Parent Portal access? Form is located on WFHS Website:


Form can be filled out and returned along with a copy of Driver’s License in an email to:


How do I find teacher’s email and websites?


How do I know who my student’s counselor is?


School counselors can help with academic planning, tips for getting back on track, setting up conferences with all teachers, and student support.


What if my student’s WakeId password needs to be reset?


Call Amy Burger in Student Services #919-554-8611 ext. 23689


Where does my student find their WakeId Portal, email, Powerschool, Google Class, Canvas etc? Watch this video:


Did you know that grades have an effect on driving privileges and athletic eligibility?


How do I sign my student up for Driver’s Education, how do I obtain a Driver Eligibility Certificate?

*Remember that the student must pass 3 of 4 courses in order to get and maintain a NC Driver License or permit. Students also must pass 3 of 4 to play a sport.


How can parents learn more to help support students in virtual learning?

Organization and time management Lunch Group begins February 9! Email for more information. If you’d like an individual session to focus on improving grades, Ms. Zinner can also help with that! She is our School Counseling Intern from UNC-CH.





Please let us know if you need additional assistance or resources.




Student Services

Wake Forest High School

Laura Inscoe, Dean of Students, Jodi Deskus, Student Assistance Program Counselor, Erika Mukenge, 9th grade Counselor Last names A-M, Alicia Stoeckel, 9th grade Counselor Last names N-Z, Lisette Pike, 10-12 grade Counselor Last names A-G, Bryce Gibbons, 10-12 grade Counselor Last names H-N, Zohra Sadat, 10-12 grade Counselor Last names O-Z,