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2-19-19 Message from Principal Hamler


School Phone Message


February 19, 2019


Hello, this is Patti Hamler, Principal of Wake Forest High School.


The ACT College Admissions Assessment will be given to all North Carolina 11th graders tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

The ACT is part of North Carolina’s school accountability program. ALL North Carolina students classified in PowerSchool as being in the 11th grade will be required to take the exam. It is not optional.


The ACT Exam measures English, Math, Science, and Reading skills. While all math problems on the test can be solved without a calculator, your child should bring their own approved 4-function, scientific or graphing calculator to the exam.


ACT Exam scores can be used for college admission decisions, course placement, and scholarships.


Cellular phone devices, smart watches, and other electronic devices are not permitted into the testing room. This is a state and national testing regulation. Please ensure that your student is present and on time for the exam. We will begin promptly at 7:20 am.


Juniors will have a separate lunch period after testing, beginning at 12:30 PM. Juniors will report to fourth period following lunch.


That’s all for today! Thanks for all you do! Go Cougars!