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10-16-18 Message from Principal Hamler


School Phone Message


October 15, 2018


Hello, this is Patti Hamler, Principal of Wake Forest High School.


There have been too many instances of near misses in the past few weeks dealing with traffic. This morning the traffic patterns and concerns were addressed. Please remember Rock Springs is a one way street in the morning. Please remember parents do not follow the student traffic pattern and break the line to drop off students in carpool. Please turn right on Stadium Drive as you exit Rock Springs. This will elevate traffic hold-up and get students to class on time.


A reminder ALL sophomores enrolled at WFHS will be taking the Pre-ACT test on tomorrow Wednesday, October 17th. The state of North Carolina requires that all students classified in our database as a 10th grader must take the exam. There is a math section on the exam which allows students to use an approved calculator. Please encourage your child to bring his/her calculator to the testing session. Most calculators typically used in math classes meet the approved status.


Mid-terms will begin Tuesday, October 23rd with periods 1and 3; Wednesday, October 24th, periods 2 and 4; Thursday, October 25th, ASVAB Testing; and Friday, October 26th, World Languages.


That’s all for today. Thanks for all you do! Go Cougars