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1-15-23 Update

Ms. Morgan's Weekly Message 1.15.23

Thank you to our families for your continued support at Rogers Lane ES!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday – Monday, January 16th

Monday, January 16th is a holiday for students and staff, there is no school. The Southeast Raleigh YMCA will host 3 volunteer opportunities on the 16th, More information can be found here:

Report Cards & Parent Conferences

Report cards will go home February 6th. If you have concerns about your child’s academic progress, please reach out to your child's teacher. Parents/guardians always have the right to request a conference with their child’s teacher at any time.

Phones & Social Media

We understand that many children have cell phones that they use to stay in touch with their families before or after school. During the school day, mobile phones must remain in your child’s bookbag, silent or turned off.  If a student chooses to use their phone during the school day, they may have to turn their phone in to the front office, for a parent/guardian to pick up at a later time.

Please be sure you are regularly monitoring your child’s activity on their mobile devices.

School to Home Connections

As we strive for academic excellence with our students, here is how you can help. When your child(ren) get home, 1) Ask them about their day, encourage them to give details 2) Read to your child(ren) or have your child read to you. Ask them questions about what they read and encourage them to use complete sentences and provide as many details as possible.


We are excited that our PTA membership has increased, and we would love to see more families join. You can sign up by sending an email to


Cejuanna Morgan, Principal