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September 12, 2022

Hello WFE Families,  


We have had an amazing opening to the school year and I am so happy you are part of the WFE family. This email contains information to help you plan and engage in your students’ WFE experience.  


  • You are invited to attend “Curriculum Night” On Thursday, September 29th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. For more information, please see the flyers attached to this email. 
  • We are experiencing problems in the carpool lane. Please W. Vernon Avenue, not Sycamore Avenue, to turn onto Wingate Street for the carpool line. If you use Sycamore Avenue, you will likely cutoff someone who is already in line. Thank you. 
  • We will hold a donation drive for The Giving Tree from September 19th-24th. Every donation, purchase and volunteer hour will earn 3x the credit for our school. Please see the  attached flyer for more information.   
  • The Digital Children's Reading Initiative (DCRI) is a digital resource that “provides literacy activities at each grade level, pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Families and communities may access this resource for activities that specifically target the literacy skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and oral language”. To access the DCRI, please see the flyer attached




We've made joining the PTA even more fun! 

Join before September 29 you and your child could be the winner! 

Each class has a chance to win their choice of class party if they have the highest PTA participation... do you want a glow party? virtual field trip? extra recess? pajama party, movie and popcorn? Well, join the PTA and you can help earn a fun afternoon with your class! 

Parents and family could win a $50 Amazon gift card for joining...  

Want more details? They can be found here!

Already ready to Join? You can join here

And, don't forget to follow Wake Forest Elementary Schooland Wake Forest Elementary School PTA on Facebook so you stay up on all the things happening at Wake Forest Elementary! 



Help WFE Families connect with your Business! 

We are looking for Business Sponsors to help support WFE PTA and ensure we make 2022 a successful year! 

It's easy to do, and in return, we will share your business's commitment to WFE with our community and WFE family!   

Depending on your sponsorship level your company logo could be hanging in the WFE School Lobby, at WFE events, walking around on WFE tshirts and in WFE PTA newsletters... we love our WFE PTA business sponsors and would love to have you join the Sponsor Family.    

More details can be found here

Already ready to Join? You can join here! 

And, don't forget to follow Wake Forest Elementary School and Wake Forest Elementary School PTA on Facebook so you stay up on all the things happening at Wake Forest Elementary! 


​​​​Have a great evening and, as always, thank you for supporting WFE, home of the cougars!



Principal Smith