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Second Grade Supply List- 2022-23

2nd Grade Student Supply List


This year there will be no sharing of school supplies. When your child brings their supplies to school, please be sure they are labeled with your child’s first and last name. 

-1 1.5-inch 3 ring binder, with pockets
-1 primary composition notebook (see picture) 
-1 plastic, 2 pocket folder (no designs)
-1 black Sharpie
-2 Expo dry erase markers (black)
-1 box of 12 count Ticonderoga standard #2 sharpened yellow pencils 
-1 pack of 3x3 Post-It/Sticky Notes 
-1 pair of children’s scissors
-2 glue sticks (extras greatly appreciated)
-1 box of 24 count twistable crayons
-1 large pencil pouch or pencil box 
-4 different colored highlighters
-Clorox Wipes (extras greatly appreciated)
-Kleenex (extras greatly appreciated)
-Ziploc Bags 
    Last name: A-I:snack size ziploc bags
    Last Name: J-P: sandwich size ziploc bags
    Last name: Q-Z: gallon size ziploc bags