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Third Grade Supply List - 2022-23

Grade 3 Student Supply List 2022-23


Please be sure supplies are labeled with your child’s first and last name.  This year we will not be sharing school supplies. 

Student Supplies:

-5 plastic or durable pocket folders with prongs in 5 different colors!
-2  binders- 1 inch size 
-3 wide-ruled composition notebooks
-1 pair of personal headphones for iPad/Laptop use.
-3 packs of Dixon or Ticonderoga pencils (preferably sharpened)
-1 pack of pencil top erasers
-1 pack of wide ruled (looseleaf) notebook paper
-1 pack of 4 glue sticks (small size)
-2 packs of 4 black dry erase markers
-3 large boxes of tissues
-2 yellow highlighters
-1 large pencil box stocked with the following items:
-1 pair of student scissors
-1 18 pack of CRAYOLA TWISTABLE colored pencils 
-2 large pink erasers