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Apex Friendship Elementary School


September 15, 2023


Curriculum Night - Thursday, September 21


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday night!

The first session begins at 5:30.  Please arrive with enough time to park at the high school and walk to our school.  We want everyone to be able to arrive in time for the entire first session.


You will visit your child’s classroom and learn about what they are learning for the year.  You’ll hear about classroom procedures, daily schedules, and more!  Teachers will provide two identical sessions to allow you to choose what best fits your schedule and to allow for parents with multiple children.


5:30-6:00: Session 1

6:05: PTA General Meeting in the Cafeteria

6:30-7:00: Session 2

Student Communication

Students need to let their teachers know if they aren't feeling well. Students are not permitted to be on a device and contact their parent themselves during the school day.


Transportation Changes and Talking Points

Please make sure you reach out to the front office if you have transportation changes during the school day.  Administrators do not have access to talking points.  Administrators can be reached via email for other questions.




Student Attendance and Enrollment

The 20th day of school is September 26, 2023.  Any student who has not reported to school by that time will be withdrawn.  Students who are withdrawn must be re-enrolled upon your return to school.


For more information about attendance, please visit:


Parent Student Handbook: