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Apex Friendship Elementary School


September 8, 2023


Thank you for a great start to the 2023-24 school year!  We were so happy to have all of our Kindergarten students with us this week!


Dismissal Reminders

We hope that everyone will limit last minute transportation changes, but we recognize this isn’t always possible.  Teachers can’t always check email or Talking Points during the day.  All same day transportation changes need to be called into the main office so that we can communicate directly with teachers.  


Parents are not permitted to drive to school, park their car, and walk up to request their child during dismissal.  Please remain in your car and follow the procedures for the most efficient and quickest way to pick up your child.  Our carpool line will get better every day as more students learn and recognize their number.


Please assist us in the carpool line by having all car seats on the right hand side of cars when possible.  If more time is needed for buckling, please pull into an open space in the first few parking spaces on the side.  For safety’s sake, please do not exit your vehicle in the carpool line.  We don’t want other cars passing on the left.  


Curriculum News

Literacy at Home - NC DPI has put together an informative website for parents to support their child at home for reading.

Literacy at Home: Digital Children’s Reading Initiative 


Math Resource for Parents - Click HERE to view the updated K-12 Mathematics Google Site. This website includes parent resources for each lesson including standards, unpacking documents, learning targets, and videos. 


Curriculum Night - Thursday, September 21

We are excited to welcome you into the school on the evening of September 21.  You will visit your child’s classroom and learn about what they are learning for the year.  You’ll hear about classroom procedures, daily schedules, and more!  Teachers will provide two identical sessions to allow you to choose what best fits your schedule and to allow for parents with multiple children.


5:30-6:00: Session 1

6:05: PTA General Meeting in the Cafeteria

6:30-7:00: Session 2


Parking will be available at both the high school and middle school.  We hope you can join us!




Parent Student Handbook:


Visitors in the Building

Please make sure you bring your driver’s license into the building if you are signing in and reporting to a classroom to volunteer or for a conference during the school day.  You also need your driver’s license to sign a student out early.  Our new visitor system requires a scan of your driver’s license.  More information can be found here:



Parents must bring their child’s medicine to school with a signed 1702 form by a doctor.  They can be collected each day between 9:15 and 3:30.  Students may not self-carry any medicines at school.  Only chapstick and hand lotion are permitted without a signed doctor’s note.


Student Attendance and Enrollment

The 20th day of school is September 26, 2023.  Any student who has not reported to school by that time will be withdrawn.  Students who are withdrawn must be re-enrolled upon your return to school.

For more information about attendance, please visit: