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The North Star Newsletter


Apex Friendship Elementary School


November 18, 2022


The AFES staff celebrates our amazing community of students and parents!  We are grateful for your partnership!


The North Star will return on Friday, December 2.


Apex Friendship High School “Parent’s Night Out”


The basketball program at Apex Friendship HS is hosting our first ever "Parent's Night Out" basketball camp next Saturday, 11/19 from 6-8pm. The tweet linked below provides all the details and an additional link for parents to sign their kids up to be a part of this event.


Bus Update


WCPSS Transportation recognizes that the bus arrival times to stops in the afternoon can vary widely.  Please watch our live twitter feed or navigate to our home page to be aware of the departure times.  An adult must be present at the stop for all K and 1 students.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Parents Having Lunch with their child


You are welcome to eat lunch with your child.  Please inform the classroom teacher that you are coming in advance and arrive at school before your child’s scheduled lunch time.  After signing in at the main office, please wait for your child in the vestibule area.  Your child can come join you and then you can eat outside on the blue picnic tables.  Students are not able to invite a friend to eat lunch for safety reasons.  Students will need to reenter the school using the main door.  


Sick Children and Return to School


The best thing you can do is to keep your children home when they are sick. This will help stop the spread of illness to other children and teachers. Keep them home when they show any symptoms of illness.  We have seen cases of both Covid-19 and the flu in recent weeks.  It is recommended that students and staff stay home if they are sick, not feeling well, or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.  Students should not return to school until they are fever-free for 24 hours (without medication), and they are feeling well enough to learn and participate in class.


2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration and School Tours


All families with children who will turn five on or before Aug. 31, 2023 should register online. The address lookup tool allows families to find their base school and view year-round and magnet school application choices. Learn more about the registration process at


Registering your child early for Kindergarten supports the planning and programming in schools.  Though registration is open throughout 2023, please register before the end of February if possible!   Your registration is not complete until you come to school with the required paperwork!


School tours will be provided to families of incoming kindergarten students on January 10, and April 18 from 9:30-10:15am.  Families will be able to see some of our Special Area locations and the kindergarten hall.  Tours will not enter the classrooms. No sign-up is needed prior to the event.  A Kindergarten Orientation session for incoming families will be held later in the school year.


Angie Middleton is our school data manager and supports registration and school tours.  Please contact her at if needed.


Fun Friday


December 2nd- “Frozen” Friday


December 9th- Candy Cane Friday (Wear red and white)


December 16th- Holiday Shirt Friday (Ugly or not…)


Positivity Project Parent Connection


This week our school community will be focusing on the character strength of Gratitude. Gratitude means you are aware of and thankful for good things that happen.


Gratitude is the quality of feelings and expressing thankfulness and appreciation. It is an affirmation that there is goodness in other people and the world and that we have received that goodness. People with the strength of gratitude have a readiness to show appreciation for kindness and also to return kindness. A leading expert, Robert Emmons, calls gratitude a “relationship-strengthening emotion because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.”


Out of all 24 character strengths, gratitude is the single best predictor of individual well-being. It is correlated with increased energy, empathy, happiness and optimism. And, the great thing about gratitude is that it can be intentionally cultivated. Numerous studies have concluded that gratitude is like a muscle. The more you practice it, the stronger it gets -- and the more you’re able to reap its benefits.


To practice and encourage the character strength of gratitude with your child, please visit the Positivity Project’s P2 for Families (password: P2) where together you will watch a video, read a quote and talk about the answers to three questions.




Reflections Arts Program - Winners Announced!


Congratulations to our 2022-23 AFES PTA Reflections winners! The following student’s artwork will move forward in the competition and be judged at the county-level:



  • Evelyn S, Literature (1st grade)

  • Aadvik M, Music (2nd grade)

  • James M, Visual Arts (1st grade)

  • Graham J, Visual Arts (Kindergarten)



  • Judi O, Visual Arts (4th grade)

  • Arya M, Music (5th grade)

  • Edith M, Literature (4th grade)

  • Vishwanatha M, Film (5th grade)

  • Siddhi S, Photography (5th grade)

  • Avira, Dance (4th grade)

  • Jeesung P, Film (3rd grade)

  • Nithya P, Literature (3rd grade)

  • Naya S, Music (3rd grade)

  • Leah K, Visual Arts (5th grade)

  • Emilia V, Photography (4th grade)

Book Fair News


The Arctic Adventure Book Fair has arrived at Apex Friendship Elementary School!  Students will shop the Fair during their Media special, November 28th - December 7th. Here’s what you need to know about the Fair:


This year, say goodbye to cash and hello to eWallet—your child’s digital payment account. Before the Fair, set up eWallet for worry-free, cash-free purchases. Anyone can contribute! Share each child’s eWallet so friends and family can add funds and give your kids more books to enjoy.  (We will accept cash, card, check, and eWallet, but eWallet is preferred.)


Tuesday, November 29, 2022, we will have our very first Family Night at the Book Fair from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  A surprise reader will host a read aloud in the cafeteria before families explore and shop.  Make sure to bring the whole family, there is something for everyone at the fair!


Donate $1, pick a sticker for All for Books!  This year, we are raising money for All for Books, which is a collaborative effort that unites our school community and illustrates how a small contribution can make a big difference.  To ensure every student has the opportunity to bring home a book from our fair, we will be collecting donations in three different ways:


·       In person during Family Night:  Donation slips will be located near the registers for you to add a donation during check out.


·       During your child’s designated shopping time:  Students will be able to donate $1 and pick out a waterproof sticker of their choice.


·       Through our eWallet link:


Scholastic Book Fairs will match every donation, up to $1 million in books and distribute books to children through charity organizations.


If you can’t make it to the Fair, then shop at our school’s Online Book Fair at All orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Your online orders will also benefit our school.  We hope to see you there!